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October 28, 2020

October 28, 2020 October 28, 2020

• I’m calling in to thank somebody for finding my debit card in the Dollar Store parking lot. I wanted to tell them thanks and how much that meant to me. There’s still good people in this world.

• Hey, what ever happened to the buffalo down at the market?

Editor’s note: If you are inquiring about the painted fiberglass buffalo, it was moved some time ago from the Fred Cammack Corydon Farmers Market to the Palmyra Town Hall.

• I’m just wanting to call about the person that complained about people not wearing their mask right. Maybe they should suggest to Walmart that they announce every half hour or 15 minutes how to wear the mask and how they should have them on and maybe even give a door prize, like walk up to someone that’s got a mask and wearing it correctly and give them a $10 gift certificate. Just something to encourage people to do it right and to teach them how.

• I agree completely with the person who (called) in the Oct. 21 Live Wire about people not wearing their masks correctly. This is something that really bothers me. And, for instance, on 10/20 at about 6 o’clock, I was at the … store. I planned on buying quite a bit from the deli department but, when I got there, the young man working had his nose uncovered, so I did not buy it and they lost quite a bit of a sale right there. Many times the clerks that are checking you out do not have their nose covered, so I go to the checkout for yourself, which I don’t like to do, and I just try to avoid the people that don’t have their nose covered. I have reported this to managers … twice and apparently it doesn’t do any good. I’ve been told that they will talk to their people …

• Trump says the coronavirus is about to go away; it’s rounding the corner. Yesterday, the United States had the highest number of new infections ever and we’re up to right at 1,000 people a day dying from this stuff. …

• I was just wondering if anybody watches the county trucks’ GPS any more or have they thought about parking them and maybe putting a time clock in?

• A … water company employee entered our property this morning and shut off our water without warning. We were washing clothes at the time. Loss of water could be damaging to appliances such as washers and dishwashers, so a courtesy warning would have been appropriate. It is not surprising that there is so little courtesy and respect for others nowadays when people feel they may do whatever they please without consideration of how their actions affect others. Even a quasi-governmental agency should show its customers a little courtesy and respect. …

• President Trump said he decided to run for president in ’16 because of the poor job that Obama was doing. That poor job was government regulations to protect the environment, equal pay for equal work for women, banning people with mental issues from owning guns and the Affordable Care Act. Trump has reversed all of these except for the Affordable Care Act, and let’s not forget that Obama had CDC people in China to detect outbreaks and Trump pulled them out. Trump also said he has done more in 47 months than Biden has done in 47 years. That’s because it’s real easy to tear things down and it’s hard to build them up.

• I just want to say I agree 100% with Thomas White’s letter to the editor. One of the problems in our world today is children are not taught respect for anyone and all they think about is me, me, me. Think about it, parents, and think about it, teachers. That may help the world just a little bit.

• Recently, my wife and I got $2,400 from the government. We didn’t even ask for it. It just showed up. I’d like to know where all this money’s coming from and why did they give me the money? I did not need it, but I will take it. I would’ve rather that money been spent for a cure for the virus. It’s killing people. …

• I own a business here in Corydon, and I had one of the law officials in the courthouse … that said it’s hard, if you get something stolen, it’s hard to get any money out of some of these criminals. Well, the thing of it is, they know who they can get money out of. It’s the ones that’s working and the one’s that’s got a full-time job. The ones that’s not working, and I understand, you can’t get money out of somebody that won’t work. But the thing of it is, make them get out and work or keep them in jail until you do something with them. Quit saying you can’t get money out of somebody when, by God, you can if you treat them right. I mean, you’ve got to put the law down on them …

• If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. I guess that’s why Trump walked out on the “60 Minutes” interview.

• In the Oct. 21 edition of The (Corydon) Democrat, a caller complained about old men displaying Trump signs and asked if they needed a permit. No, the old men don’t need a permit. Their right to free speech is guaranteed by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. It is quite possible that those old men have served this country and defended the very constitution that gives them and the caller the right to free speech. But if they did not serve, they still have the right simply because they are citizens and human beings. … Anyone is free to speak and display a political sign, and this old man will defend to the death their right to do so. Viva la constitution, and viva la old men.