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Exercise your right to vote

Exercise your right to vote Exercise your right to vote

Well, we have slogged through another long campaign and aren’t we glad it is about over. With the closing of the final debate between the national presidential candidates, most folks have decided their choice to head our national government. But, there might still be some doubt as to who to choose to represent us in the U.S. Congress or state legislature. Offices such as the governor, state attorney general and judicial retentions are easily overlooked until we find ourselves marking a ballot with little back ground information to guide us. Better check this info out ahead of time.

The more local the governmental entity, the more aware we are of its impact on our everyday lives. Our Southern Indiana way of life is on the line. We face questions as to projections for economic growth, internet capacity, medical needs, educational opportunities, etc. In an election, we help decide our course of action for the future. We need a strong voice in Indianapolis to contribute to our state government.

Closer to home, we are determining who will serve in the offices of clerk, recorder, county commission, county council and school boards. We must choose the best candidates to carry the story of our hopes, our heritage and our concerns.

We are amid the challenge of reconfiguring our governmental systems in order to survive on a planet pummeled by changes that are driven by technology and resulting in a global society. We must ask ourselves what our democracy itself will look like in the years ahead. How will the three branches of government function? Will there be changes in their roles as checks and balances for each other and, at the same time, specialists in their own field of responsibility? How will we interpret what it means to have a legislative branch that makes laws and policy, an administration that carries out those laws and policies and a judicial body that interprets what it means to be a society governed by laws not by men? Which candidates represent your views?

Each aspect of this election is important. All the issues we wrestle with today are up for grabs. Look at some of the situations that are debated and are in a state of transition: women’s issues, racial justice, changing economics, the condition of our environment, international relations and the not-so-silent killer cloud of COVID-19 invading all the elements of our individual and societal lives. How are we going to mend the divides that keep us from working together for the greater good on these complex issues? Which candidates do you feel represent your idea of a leader on these concerns?

It is vital that we all vote. Don’t let intimidation deter you from voting. Don’t let the weather deter you. Don’t let long lines or lethargy or despair or the pandemic keep you from expressing your thoughts at the poles. It is in uncertain, troublesome times like these that we must all vote.

The United States is still the best experiment ever in achieving a representative form of democracy. Shall we leave its future to fate, the will of others or just plain luck?

Vote as if your life depended upon it. The truth is, it does.