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Art commission grant awarded to Lanesville schools

Art commission grant awarded to Lanesville schools Art commission grant awarded to Lanesville schools

Lanesville Community School Corp. received an Indiana Art Commission grant for the 2020-21 school year that allows the school’s Fine Arts department to expand its curriculum by bringing professional artists into the classrooms to enhance students’ educational journey.

Dance, storytelling, theater, visual arts and musical arts are mediums to be integrated into classroom lessons during the school year.

The $5,000 grant is matched by the Harrison County Community Foundation. This year, Lanesville’s grant has been designed by the Indiana Arts Trust as an Arts Trust Project for this fiscal year representing Harrison County.

The school is working creatively to safely bring in artists using video conferencing tools.

Speed Art Museum’s Art Detective series will work with students in grades K-4 in November. Carrington “Clint Breeze” Clinton, an aspiring drummer, will inspire students in grades K-7 to collaborate and listen to each other using rhythmic listening games with found objects. Local storyteller Neil Brewer will connect with Language Arts classes in grades 6-8 to discuss narrative writing techniques. Indy violinist Cathy Morris will work with students in grades 2-4 on the similarities between fractions and musical notations.

The school hopes to have assemblies next semester to include a performance by the Louisville Ballet and musician Karim Nagi, who will introduce students to Arabian dance and music.

Events from last year’s art grant can be viewed on the school’s Twitter and Instagram accounts.