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October 21, 2020

October 21, 2020 October 21, 2020

• I’m calling about whoever called in about Trump’s taxes. I’d like to see all the businessmen in the United States that have any income close to what he has, their tax statements, and see how much they paid. I believe if you checked, most corporations and CEOs of big companies like that pay very little taxes to start with. Then, as president, he donated his salary, so if he don’t have any salary coming in as president and all the other is put into a trust that he has nothing to do with, then why would he owe any taxes? That’s my question. But if you think that these Democrats pay big taxes, I think if you check it all out, they don’t pay any more taxes than Mr. Trump.

• I was in Walmart for an hour, and I counted at least 25 people who were wearing their mask incorrectly. It doesn’t do any good to put the mask on your chin. You have to cover your mouth and your nose. If you cover your mouth, that’s pretty good, but you need to (also) cover your nose. You are not protecting yourself; you are protecting the other person that’s walking around when you cover your face properly. I see a lot of ignorance in the way people wear their mask. Somebody needs to instruct them correctly. Maybe the health department could do that? Maybe they could send out a flier, because as long as this pandemic has been going on, there are still people wearing their mask incorrectly.

• I’m calling about these big lights at the Walmart parking lot. I know it takes a lot to keep these lights on and keep these lights going, but there’s some of them that’s out and it’s a little bit dangerous out here in the parking lot and you really can’t see when somebody walks up on you when you’re putting stuff in the car. If you could get these lights replaced, it would be very much appreciated, and I’m sure I’m not the only one that would appreciate that.

• We all know that COVID-19 is a very deadly disease, but the greatest killer that we have in America is that of abortion. A 2018 study called abortion America’s No. 1 killer, doubling the rates of cancer and heart disease. … we need to end abortion immediately. Over 61 million innocent babies have been slaughtered since 1973 in America. Wake up, America.

• Who are these moderate Democrats one of the candidates mentioned in their profile? The ones on their local party’s Facebook page wishing President Trump harm from COVID? The ones on the same Facebook page pushing conspiracies he never had COVID at all? The local candidates who have signs for the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement in their yards? The local candidates supporting socialism? The local party saying on the Fourth of July the history of this country is “bad and very, very ugly”? The ones that have written in this very newspaper saying anyone who votes for a Republican is racist? This isn’t my grandpa’s Democrat Party. They’ve been taken over by anti-American leftist radicals at every level. They left me, so I left them. I’ll never vote for a Democrat again so long as these radicals run the show.

• I’m really tired of hearing this lie that Democrats and the Democratic party will take your guns away. That is an out and out lie. Obama was in office eight years. How many guns did you lose? If you lost them, it was because you misplaced them. It wasn’t because the government took them away from you …

• In 2016, it was let’s make America great again. In 2020, it’s let’s keep America great. So, this is what great is all about? Wow.

• I see ads on TV calling government-run health care socialism. Meanwhile, the president, the Senate and Congress enjoy government health care. How come they can have free health care but, if we get it, it’s socialism?

• This is in reference to last week’s comments about President Trump’s taxes. The question is this: Did President Trump break any tax laws? If he did not break any tax laws, then maybe all of the Democrat politicians who voted to pass the tax laws so that the business people can pay little or no taxes, maybe they should be the ones that should wonder why do they do that.

• You wouldn’t let your grandparents pick your playlist. Why would you let them pick your representative who’s going to determine your future?

• We are older people. We live on Heth-Washington Road in Central. We have neighbors that have a cannon that every weekend they are shooting off. It shakes our whole house literally. My husband’s not in good health, and it also bothers me … Is there some ordinance that can stop this? These people play music so loud out at their swimming pool every night, not to mention shooting a cannon off, and I know these people also have older relatives. They need to think of other people. Please, please stop this. Take your cannon and go off in a field somewhere, but don’t do it here. There’s too many houses and children and older people that you need to think about.

• The performance of the pianist Jean Ann Parker at the Posey House on Oct. 11 was awesome. I want to thank the Historical Society of Harrison County for sponsoring that and looking forward to the next performance in two weeks. Thanks, Jean Ann.

• I’m calling about churches. I know some couple’s that’s wanting to get married and they don’t actually have one church they go to. They’re actually looking for one, but they’re trying to get married in a church. The churches are wanting people to come to church. What a better way than letting some new young couple get married there and eventually start their life in their church? If you people want people to join your churches and stuff, you should let other people get married there. Just because they don’t go to church there does not mean they’re not good enough to be married in a church. You should be happy they’re wanting to be married in a church. Churches should not be turning anyone away whether they’re wanting to get married there or come there or anything. You need to wake up, churches. That’s how you get new members. Think about it. It’s not hurting you to let people get married in your church. They want to be married with you and God and everybody. If you turn them away, you’re turning them away from God. Think about that.

• Pro-life is rightfully very important to many voters, but it should not be more important than pro-truth, pro-honesty, pro-morality, pro-compassion, pro-equality pro-health care and pro-decency for all.

• I’d just like to say that regardless of what the Republicans say, the Democrats are not your enemy. The Democrats are good American tax-paying working people. The Democrats are very good at being Americans. I guess I am old school. I’m almost 80, and I can remember when the Republicans and the Democrats actually talked to one another very civilly and their main concern was their clientele and their constituents. That’s who they were working for, not against each other. Regardless of what Trump says and the rest of the Republicans, the Democrats are actually good Americans. They need to be treated so.

• Please, please always remember to report animal abuse to the Harrison County animal control. The weather is getting cool, and soon it will be getting really cold and snowy. Now’s the time to get your pets prepared. Make sure they have a warm place to get into. Maybe a doghouse with plenty of straw and blankets or covers or at least a warm place where they can get in from the cold and the snow. Cats too need a place to go.

• I called a couple weeks ago about these two old gentlemen sitting on the town square next to the street with all of these Trump signs, in other words campaigning for Trump, and I asked do you not have to have a permit to be on public property as they are or is it even permitted. I got no answer. Now they are next to a polling place. You go vote in the building next to where they are. What is the distance you have to be away from a polling place. I’d still like to know how they’re getting away with this.

Editor’s note: Electioneering cannot take place closer than 50 feet to the entrance of a polling location.

• It’s just a shame that during the American Revolutionary war when the protesters got on board the British ship and threw the tea into the ocean which was overtaxed, it’s just a shame that we didn’t have video cameras there to catch these low lifes throwing the tea into the ocean. Protesters have been protesting for years …

• What’s happening in Kentucky? BLM. Burns, Loot and Murder. That’s the real thing.