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Bridge 65 gets new home

Rice Island project a step closer to reality
Bridge 65 gets new home Bridge 65 gets new home
Kaitlyn Clay, Staff Writer, [email protected]

A group of people gathered last Wednesday along East Chestnut Street in Corydon near Corydon Senior Lofts to watch as a refurbished bridge was placed over Little Indian Creek.

Once the decking is put in place, the bridge will be used by pedestrians to span the creek to Rice Island.

According to local historian Bill Brockman, the bridge is Harrison County Bridge No. 65, which was previously located on Circle Road in Jackson Township south of New Salisbury. It was recently restored before being moved to its new, permanent location connecting the mainland with the island.

The iron bridge is a Pratt design, which was common in truss bridges from the 1850s through the 1920s, Brockman said.

The Town of Corydon purchased the island in 2017. And, with money from a grant from the Harrison County Community Foundation, the town and a $2 million Development Block Grant from the state, a new recreational area will be developed on the island. On the Chestnut Street side of the creek, there will be a playground with parking spaces, while on the south side, there will be a park with native grasses and trees, a shelter house with rental availability, a concession area and a walking trail, according to Lester (Les) Rhoads, president of the Corydon Town Council.

“Realistically, I believe the project will be fully complete by the first of the year,” Rhoads said. “We hope to have a dedication in the spring and have people out for the opening of it.”

The 6.5-acre island has functioned as recreation space for Harrison County residents for many years. It has operated as a space for athletic events for Corydon High School, summer youth programs, Little League baseball, a soccer complex and more. Now, activities of all sorts will be able to happen there.

“We are really excited to finally get it open for the public,” Rhoads said. “There will be a ton of options of what people can do here and will just be a great space to get outdoors and enjoy time with your family and nature.”