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Recorder challeged in General Election

Recorder challeged in General Election Recorder challeged in General Election

The current Harrison County recorder, Republican Debbie Dennison, is being challenged by Paisley Rew, a Democrat. Below is Dennison’s responses to a questionnaire from this newspaper (Rew did not respond to requests).

Recorder challeged in General ElectionName: Debbie Dennison

Family: I have been married to Norman Dennison for 34 years, and I have 3 adult children, Matthew Dennison, Alyssa Dennison and Cassie Dennison.

Education/Occupation/Political experience: I attended Eastfield College in Mesquite, Texas for 2 years. I am the present Harrison County recorder and have held this position for nearly 4 years and, before that, I was Harrison County 1st deputy recorder for 8 years, and, before that, I served as Harrison County voters clerk for 3-1/2 years.

Contact information for voters: Office phone is 812-738-3788; Cell 812-267-6939

Why are you seeking the office (100 words or less)? I love my job, and I am seeking re-election to continue serving Harrison County citizens in keeping the accurate perpetuation and recording of land records and other documents and making sure all aspects of Recorder’s office stay current with new technology and e-recording practices.

What strengths do you bring to the office of recorder (150 words or less)? I have over 11 years of experience of working in the Recorder’s office as recorder and as 1st deputy recorder. I know and fully understand what is needed to keep the Recorder’s office running correctly and smoothly. I fully understand replication and conversion issues that occur with old and new recorded documents. I have completed 11 years of State Board of Accounts training as your present recorder.