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October 14, 2020

October 14, 2020 October 14, 2020

• This is Scott Fluhr, the Harrison County Republican Party chairman, calling regarding the anonymous comment in the Live Wire last week about profanity on Trump flags in the fair parade. We invited anyone wanting to support President Trump to come out and join us in the fair parade. Over a hundred did so, an impressive and humbling showing of support from ordinary Harrison Countians. In our invite, we made clear upfront the parade was a family-friendly event and only family-friendly flags were allowed. I personally saw no flags in our group in the parade displaying profanity. An individual had one briefly before the parade in the mustering area, but, when we saw it, we asked him to remove the flag, and he did so. It’s a free country, but the fair parade has always been a family event, and everyone respects that. It’s amazing and unprecedented that so many folks came out to support the president in the parade, and the reception all the Republicans received during the parade itself was wonderful.

• I just want to encourage people in Corydon and the surrounding areas to support the small businesses in Corydon and especially the cinemas. I was there yesterday to see a movie, and I was the only person in the whole show, and I cannot believe that at 5 o’clock more people couldn’t support them. And there’s plenty of room. They’re safe and everything. Please support Corydon Cinemas.

• I’m calling about the early voting in Corydon. I’m an elderly person, and I was planning on doing that and voting. After watching the debate and Trump calling for a bunch of poll watchers to be there to watch people voting and everything else, and upon hearing that other places in other states they’ve had hecklers and people there yelling, “We know who you are; we’ve got your picture,” I’m scared to death to go to the poll or to come in and do early voting. I’m wondering if there is any way that Harrison County can have police at the front doors and inside to make sure there is no voter intimidation because, as of right now, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I am so scared to go to these places. … I just want to make sure I can go in there and vote and not worry, and the only way I can see that is that there needs to be police …

• Something to think about when you go to the polls: a country that is big enough to give you everything is big enough to take it all away.

• My husband and I were traveling to Corydon on (S.R.) 135 north; it was probably 6:30 Thursday morning, and we practically got run over by someone passing us. And then coming north, someone was trying to pass another car and they almost got hit, so it’s getting crazy on Highway 135 and this was at 6:30 in the morning. So, I wish that the police could patrol all different (times) of the day and catch some of these speeders because there’s been too many that are people getting killed on Highway 135, especially going south.

• Trump continued to have these rallies that he has and people insisted on not wearing masks, standing shoulder to shoulder with each other. I wonder how many of these people are sick right now with this virus or dead, for that matter. It’s one thing to not know about something; in other words, if they didn’t know that you should wear a mask, if they didn’t know that the mask prevents spreading this virus. It’s another thing to know and be told over and over and over again by experts and doctors and scientists that these masks prevent the spread of this disease. …

• It’s Saturday at 8 a.m.; headed south on (S.R.) 135. Got passed once again by two vehicles headed towards Kentucky about 80 miles an hour, in the fog. How ridiculous. Didn’t see a cop one. They either need to be out there watching these people or get some speed traps set up …

• In the last election, President Trump denigrated and mocked Hillary for having pneumonia. Today, Joe Biden took down negative ads and wished the president well and prayed for him and his family. Pretty classy in my opinion and very American. I just wish I felt like the man who attacked (John) McCain for being a war hero would be as classy if Joe Biden got sick.

• I just left (a fast-food drive-thru) at 10:39 on Saturday morning, and the two people that were giving me my food both had their masks on their chins and the lady that was handing me my food had to pull back because she was coughing on my Coke and my food, so I just drove up a little bit forward, dropped all my food that she just gave me, $10 worth, and went somewhere else.

• I agree with the letter to the editor in (the Sept. 30 Corydon) Democrat. I believe that high-speed internet should be offered to more people. They are told they have to go to somebody else on the road to buy. If you go to a retailer, they don’t tell you you have to get somebody else to buy the thing you want to buy. They sell it to you …

• You have got to be kidding. The president has COVID symptoms and is hospitalized on Friday. On Sunday, he does not one unbelievable thing, not just two, but three outlandish actions. He greets people outside, he takes a joyride in an SUV and, worst of all, he visits soldiers in the hospital. What happened to the days of isolation and where are the doctors? …

• I watched very little of the debate on Monday night. I believe if two politicians can’t conduct theirself any better than what they showed there on Monday night, they both ought to step down.

• I own seven guns, so I keep track of these things. I have never heard any politician, Democrat or Republican or Independent say, if elected they will take our guns away. I have heard Republicans say if Democrats get elected, they will take your guns. Do you really think Republicans are the only people who deer hunt or bird hunt, etc.? Use your heads, people.

• There are a lot of people that think like me. They believe that Trump is not sick at all. Watch, in a few days he’ll be good as new then he’ll say, “See, I’ve had COVID, and it’s not that bad as the so-called experts said.” … If he was so contagious, why did the doctors let him leave the hospital and put Secret Service and other people at risk?

• I believe a leader leads more by what he does than what he says. Where does that leave Mr. Trump?

• What is wrong with Corydon? I took my family to (a fast-food restaurant) and decided to order inside due to long, drive-thru lines. As we were putting on our masks, I noticed the mask required sign on the door. Upon entering, the staff all wore masks, although some incorrectly, but other patrons coming in didn’t wear them and the management allowed them to order even in violation of the rules. It was the same scene inside (a station) as I got gas. Leadership and patriotism on keeping folks safe and healthy is not coming from Washington or from our  local county council where only one councilwoman wears a mask at public meetings.

• If you attempted to get dressed so you go to the store in your pajamas, housecoat and slippers, then you should’ve stayed home.

• This Hancock Chapel Road between Crawford Road and North Road is in terrible shape, especially in the center where there’s large cracks and potholes. I’m not sure why the county didn’t patch this up during the summer. Hate to see what it’s going to look like this winter after freezing and thawing. …