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Marshall makes it two in a row at sectional

Cirincione wins girls’ race; Floyd girls, Borden boys prevail
Marshall makes it two in a row at sectional
Marshall makes it two in a row at sectional
Corydon Central’s Camden Marshall takes the field through turn one of the Crawford County cross-country sectional Saturday then ran away from his opponents to win in a time of 16 minutes, 9 seconds. Photos by Wade Bell
Wade Bell, Contributing Writer

The Floyd Central Lady Highlanders dominated the girls’ division of the Crawford County cross-country sectional Saturday morning, putting five runners in the top six and coming out with a perfect score of 15 points. In the boys’ division, Borden edged out the Highlanders by three points to take home the sectional trophy to add to their collection.

“They ran the game plan exactly as we planned it out,” said Floyd Central girls’ coach Jeff Liddle. “We planned to group run for two miles but, actually we were off by a half mile. The Corydon girls ran a little faster early on than we expected, and we were hanging with the Providence No. 1 girl in a pack of four.”

Marshall makes it two in a row at sectional
Corydon’s Central’s Addison Applegate (542) and Floyd Central’s Jaydon Cirincione lead the field through the first turn of the Crawford County cross-country sectional. Cirinciione took home the win.

In the girls’ division, Corydon Central’s Addison Applegate and Floyd Central’s Jaydon Cirincione went to the front with the rest of the field tightly packed in right behind. By the halfway point, Cirincione had a commanding lead with teammates Savanna Liddle and Kaitlyn Stewart, Providence’s Maci Hoskins and Applegate packed in about 100 yards behind.

“I started out with a girl from Providence, and she was with me maybe half of one (kilometer),” said Cirincione. “Then right at one hill, I just took off. I saw my opportunity and got in front and from then on I didn’t realize where she was. … ”

The Floyd Central senior continued to dominate through the remainder of the race, finishing first in a time of 19 minutes, 8.2 seconds. Liddle was second in 19:50.7, and Stewart was third in 20:18.8. Providence’s Maci Hoskins finished fourth in 20:20.5, while Floyd Central’s Natalie Clare (20:41.0) and Sydney Baxter (20:46.3) were fifth and sixth, respectively. Claudia Pearce was 11th for the Lady Highlanders in 21:58.1, and teammate Elliott Emerson was 14th in 22:24.6.

Behind Floyd Central in the team standings, Corydon Central finished second with a score of 48 points, Borden was third with 75 and North Harrison and Lanesville claimed the other two regional spots, finishing in fourth (132) and fifth (146), respectively.

“It’s was a little hard because of the hills,” said Corydon Central’s Applegate, who finished seventh in 20:51.1. “I went out fast to get a good position. I knew they (Floyd Central) were going to get ahead, but I still kept going as hard as I could … We were trying to break them up because we knew that they were going to win, but our goal was to break them up so they don’t win more.”

North Harrison’s Blaine Whittaker was the top runner for the Lady Cats, finishing 19th in 23 minutes flat. Emilee Snyder finished as No. 1 for the Lanesville Lady Eagles, finishing 28th in 24:41.2.

“We didn’t have that hard of week or training because we were trying to take it easy and peak at this meet,” said Whittaker. “I think we did all right. This meet I really wanted to get a little lower time than I got, but it is what it is. Not every race is your best race, so I’ll just go with it like that.”

“Next week is going to be really tough,” she said. “It’s going to take a lot of mental strength to get through it but also physical. You’ve got to run the tangents perfect. You’ve got to know where you are in the race. You’ve got to know every step counts, every person counts, every turn counts.”

Crawford County put two runners into the regional meet individually. Melonie Kopp finished in the top 20 in the 18th position in a time of 22:56.9. Crawford County senior Kloee Grizzel also made the cut-off, finishing 35th in a time of 26:38.6.

The boys’ race began with a brutal pace with Corydon Central’s Camden Marshall quickly establishing a lead in almost sprint fashion. The Corydon Central senior was well ahead of the field at the half-way point with South Central’s Maddox Baker second and New Albany’s Aaron Lord in third. North Harrison’s Jacob Wenning was running in the top 10 at the half-way point with teammate Oxiel Castro a few places behind.

Meanwhile, the Floyd Central runners were pacing farther back, packed up only a few seconds apart with senior Garrett Gravitt leading the group. Just behind him were teammates William Conway, Justin McWilliams, Nicholas Gordon, Joseph Meier, Adam Heitz and Seth Owings.

Marshall cruised the last few hundred meters to win in a time of 16 minutes, 9 seconds. Borden’s Gavin Hunt moved up into second in a time of 16:44.5 with South Central’s Baker third in 16:46.9. North Harrison’s Wenning and Castro both cracked the top 10, finishing sixth (17:06.0) and seventh (17:23.0), respectively. Floyd Central’s Conway was eighth in 17:26.0.

“I had a pretty good run today, but mainly it was just hoping the team performed well and looking forward to regionals,” Marshall said. “I should have some more competition at regionals, so it should be a pretty fun race. I just wanted to get out and get alone and show everybody that I can dominate.”

In the team standings, Borden edged out Floyd Central with 71 to the Highlanders’ 74. New Albany (80), Corydon Central (91) and South Central (122) also made the regional cut in that order.

Marshall said this week’s regional meet will be a different animal.

“It’s a whole different race compared to next week but just getting out to a fast start,” he said, “I’m going to have to do that at semi-state and state. I’ll just simulate that fast start and then just hang in.”

The Highlanders left their No. 1 and 2 runners at home with Hunter Griffen and Weston Naville given the day off. South Central’s Baker said that opened the door for him to finish higher up in the standings.

“I was trying to get top five, but then our coach told us that Floyd was not running their top two so I was like, ‘Well, I have a shot at getting top three’,” Baker said. “So, I just went out and tried to pace with the guy I figured was going to get second (Borden’s Gavin Just). … I paced with him the first two miles, then it was on the last hill and we were going down it and I made a move and passed him and made a move up the hill and got away from him a little bit. I tried to stride out down the hill, and I think I got a little advantage on him with my legs a little long. Then, (Just) came up behind me and on the corner he got in front of me and I just couldn’t catch him.”

Floyd Central boys’ coach Tim Korte said he was confident enough to leave his top two runners at home, saving them for the next three races.

“It was no big deal if we won or not,” Korte said. “We wanted to prepare for next week and semi-state and state. Next week, we’ll have everybody and we’ll go all out. We’ll come to race.”

Individually, North Harrison’s Wenning, Castro and Owen Kimmel made the regional cutoff, Kimmel finishing 43rd in 20:20.7. Crawford County put one runner in the regional field with Klayton Grizzel finishing 33rd in 19:08.7. Lanesville did not field a full boys’ team, but Isaac Love led the Eagles, finishing 50th in 22:16.1.

Girls’ Scores (Top 5 to regional) – Floyd Central 15, Corydon Central 48, Borden 75, North Harrison 132, Lanesville 149, Crawford County 163, Paoli 166.

Girls’ Results – 1. Jaydon Cirincione (FC) 19:08.2, 2. Savanna Liddle (FC) 19:50.7, 3. Kaitlyn Stewart (FC) 20:18.8, 4. Maci Hoskins (Prov) 20:20.5, 5. Natalie Clare (FC) 20:41.0, 6. Sydney Baxter (FC) 20:46.3, 7. Addison Applegate (Cory) 20:51.1, 8. Kaylie Magallanes (Bor) 21:04.5, 9. Emily Armstrong (Cory) 21:15.0, 10. Emily Gunther (Cory) 21:52.0, 11. Claudia Pearce (FC) 21:58.1, 12. Olivia Martin (Cory) 21:58.5, 13. Joy Coffman (Bor) 22:12.6, 14. Elliott Emerson (FC) 22:24.6, 15. Erika Valdivieso (Cory) 22:26.7.

Individual Qualifiers on Non-Qualifying Teams – 4. Maci Hoskins (Prov) 20:20.5, 18. Melonie Kopp (CrawCty) 22:56.9, 20. Lila Endres (NA) 23:32.0, 25. Cailyn Baechle (Pa) 24:26.0, 26. Sarah Boehm (Prov) 24:27.4, 27. Madison Smith (CAI) 24:33.7, 29. Hannah Albertson (Pa) 25:01.5, 33. Caroline Barbieri (NA) 25:58.3, 35. Kloee Grizzel (CrawCty) 26:38.6, 39. Erika Voelker (Prov) 27:21.3.

Boys’ Scores (Top 5 to regional) – Borden 71, Floyd Central 74, New Albany 80, Corydon Central 91, South Central 122, Providence 144, North Harrison 145, Christian Academy of Indiana 207, Paoli 260.

Boys’ Results – 1. Camden Marshall (Cory) 16:09.0, 2. Gavin Just (Bor) 16:44.3, 3. Maddox Baker (SoCent) 16:46.9, 4. Aaron Lord (NA) 16:50.7, 5. Aidan Lord (NA) 16:54.9, 6. Jacob Wenning (NH) 17:06.0, 7. Oxiel Castro (NH) 17:23.0, 8. William Conway (FC) 17:26.0, 9. Ben Kelly (Prov) 17:26.1, 10. Lody Cheatham (Bor) 17:29.3, 11. Blake Hoffman (Bor) 17:32.9, 12. Isaac Cooley (NA) 17:34.2, 13. Zach Houghland (Cory) 17:39.7, 14. Alexander Pinckney (CAI) 17:42.5, 15. Nicholas Gordon (FC) 17:42.6.

Individual Qualifiers on Non-Qualifying Teams – 6. Jacob Wenning (NH) 17:06.0, 7. Oxiel Castro (NH) 17:23.0, 9. Ben Kelly (Prov) 17:26.1, 14. Alexander Pinchney (CAI) 17:42.3, 30. Garrett Huber (Prov) 18:44.7, 31. Akhil Long (Prov) 18:52.2, 33. Klayton Grizzel (CrawCty) 19:08.7, 35. Kaden Connin (Prov) 19:19.3, 41. Will Harper, (Prov) 20:03.9, 43. Owen Kimmel (NH) 20:20.7.