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October 7, 2020

October 7, 2020 October 7, 2020

• I was shocked to see that at the fair parade the Republicans had flags that had profanity on them. I consider Corydon and the fair a family-friendly event and family-friendly place, and it’s shocking to see profanity on flags in the parade. I would hope that they would consider not doing this any more.

• It must be nice to have a job where you don’t have to do any physical work, just sit and answer the phones. So, why don’t you thank God you have such an easy job instead of being so rude to people whenever they call? …

• You have a man right now that is president that openly states … that he will not accept the outcome of this election unless he wins. Folks, to not peacefully leave office when you lose an election is the end of democracy. …

• What I can’t understand in the Breonna Taylor case in Louisville, why did they go ahead and pay them $12 million ahead of time when the civil case had not even been settled yet? …

• Curt Davidson, keep up the good work. I’m very proud of you. Good job, men.

• I wanted to call and make a comment about the JayC. I am so pleasantly greeted when I go in there, and I think the employees bend over backwards and they’re just the sweetest people that I’d ever want to talk to. And, I enjoy going to the JayC store. I don’t buy a whole lot because I’m a widow living alone, but it really makes it nice in this time that you can go into the JayC and they are laughing and will say, “Hi. How are you today?” I just wanted to make that comment. I really appreciate the people at the JayC food store.

• Now that all you Trump supporters have seen, due to Donald Trump’s tax forms being released, that you and almost all of you have paid more taxes than he has. A lot more than he has. And as a veteran, I’ve just got to say and ask you Trump supporters now who’s the real suckers and losers?

• Republicans are so quiet about Trump’s tax returns that you can hear a poll drop.

• I’m calling (in response) to the (person) last week that asked about the mask situation. I know (the caller) hasn’t found one that fits well or is comfortable. I have made over 3,000 of these masks. I’m doing this for free. (The caller) is more than welcome to get in touch with me at 812-732-4485, and I will work with (the caller) to make a mask that’s comfortable for (the caller).

• Donald Trump’s tax returns have shown how he and rich men like him can get away with not paying any taxes. He and men like him have shaped the laws to allow this. They have also shaped the laws so the working man cannot do anything like this. All of his tax deductions are gone. He has to pay taxes and a lot percentage wise. So, you people that think Donald Trump is smart, well, maybe he might be since he’s got the system rigged this way where you have to pay the taxes and the rich don’t have to. If he’s smart, you better ask yourself just how smart are you if you’re going to support people that do this, that rig the system so you’ve got to pay the brunt of the taxes and the rich don’t have to pay a thing? How smart is it to vote for people like that? …

• I think if the CVB fixed or replaced the “Visit Downtown Corydon” sign that is falling apart on the interstate, more people would come and visit the businesses. Even taking it down would be better than what is there now.

• Hey, people, let’s not forget the Harrison County Animal Control (Facility). I know they could use a lot of things there for the animals. They can use bleach, paper towels, any kind of cleaning supplies, dog collars, dog leashes, cat toys, cat treats, dog treats, bedding for beds, old blankets, old rugs, old covers. Anything they could use for bedding. Please remember them. I know they would appreciate it.

• The woman that wants to know what to do when she’s got a bum for a husband and no money: divorce him and get a job at Walmart paying $15 an hour.

• Joe Biden and his running mate have both publicly promised to destroy our rights to keep and bear arms if elected. If the gun banners take control of Washington this November, you and I are going to witness the complete destruction of our freedom.

• I’m disappointed to see there was no recognition for the winner of the demolition derby. It was stated that the demolition derby had the most participants in years. It takes a great deal of time, talent and money to build a demolition car. On top of it all, from my understanding, the winner lives in Harrison County. Harrison County should be proud one of their own won. I think a picture and name should’ve at least been pictured in The (Corydon) Democrat.

• To the person in Live Wire that said, “Just to set the record straight, Democrats do not encourage abortion. They encourage women’s rights.” Let’s get this straight here. It needs to be called a child’s rights. Oh no, they can’t speak for themselves so someone else (indecipherable) whether or not they live. … Who could possibly think so little of their own offspring, a creation of God, to end its existence? Food for thought: What if abortion was the choice your mom made for you?

• To all you people out there that think you don’t have to wear a mask or that it’s an infringement on your freedom, well, what do you think about your fearless leader Trump has COVID? So does his wife. So does one of his close advisers. And the rest of them are all quarantined. And as far as infringing on your freedom, how free are you in a casket? Anyone that thinks they don’t have to wear a mask when they’re around other people, in my opinion, you don’t need to be out in public. You ought to be put back somewhere, locked up so you can’t spread this stuff. Make sure you can’t. You’re a danger to other people, and you have no right to do that, no freedom to be a danger to other people.

• During the debate, Trump made fun of Biden for wearing a mask. Well, now guess who’s got coronavirus? Ironic, isn’t it? Couldn’t happen to a better person.

• To the awesome person who paid for our lunch on Sunday at O’Charley’s, that was great and thank you. Have a blessed day.

• I was wondering why the road is closed beside the (Harrison County) Justice Center, Commissioner’s Way. I’d like to know why.