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Adrienne bakery/café opens Corydon location

Adrienne bakery/café opens Corydon location
Adrienne bakery/café opens Corydon location
Customers browse the various desserts and sandwich offerings on the menu at Adrienne & Co.’s newest location, at 2421 Landmark Way NE in Corydon. Photo by Kaitlyn Clay
Kaitlyn Clay, Staff Writer, [email protected]

It’s common for people to make the journey from the bakery to the dentist office after one too many sweet treats, but for Amanda Browning, her journey was the exact opposite. The owner of the fourth location of Adrienne & Co., located at 2421 Landmark Way NE in Corydon, left her career in dentistry to pursue opening the new bakery.

Browning, sister-in-law of Adrienne Holland, creator of Adrienne & Co., began fiddling around in the bakeries when her regular work was temporarily halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She said she felt passionate about the business like never before now that she was able to devote her full attention to it, and that sparked the idea for her to oversee the latest expansion of the business.

“I had helped out at our New Albany location a lot and had really started to understand the business side of things,” Browning said. “It was a little bit of a shell shock to make the transition, but I love everything about what we are doing and can’t wait to see how we grow here in Corydon.”

The bakery serves fresh cakes, cookies, cupcakes, desserts and pastries, and doughnuts delivered in from their doughnut shop in Floyds Knobs. The Corydon location also serves sandwiches and beverages, and will take orders for specialty cakes.

And while every location serves the same sweet treats, there is one unique aspect you won’t find at any location other than the Corydon one. The bakery offers an Artist Cove, an area in the shop where artwork is displayed for purchase. All artwork is displayed free of charge to artists and is solely for local Harrison County artists. Adrienne & Co. does not take any proceeds from the purchases of any artwork.

“When we first found this space, there were already slat walls in place in certain areas, and I knew it would be a great place to display art,” Browning said. “We started to look around at consignment shops for some art pieces and then I realized it would be so much more unique to use the artists that are local to our shop and give them a new place to display their work.”

Browning said the shop will accept all art mediums and artists are welcome to reach out to them if they are interested in displaying there.

While the shop is already open to customers, there will be a grand opening celebration on Halloween.

Browning said there will be activities like decorating cookies and possibly a doughnut contest for kids to participate in.

“We want to be an active part of the community, so we are very excited for people to come out and celebrate Halloween with us that day,” she said.

Adrienne & Co.’s Corydon location is open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. The phone number is 812-358-7558.