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‘Observe the Moon Night’ Saturday

‘Observe the Moon Night’ Saturday ‘Observe the Moon Night’ Saturday

Saturday is International Observe the Moon Night, and locally First Miracle Winery at Fredericksburg and Mark Steven Williams of StarGeezer Astronomy will host the “Moonlight and Moscato” wine tasting and stargazing event.

The festivities will begin Saturday at 6:30 p.m. with wine tasting followed by “What’s Up with the Stargeezer,” a presentation with stargazing highlights for the coming fall season with special emphasis on October’s appearance of planet Mars.

“Our neighbor, Mars, is making its best appearance in 15 years, and we’ll train our giant telescope on the Red Planet and share some amazing images from NASA’s HIRISE Martian orbiter,” Williams said.

Following the “What’s Up” presentation Saturday, activities will move outdoors with telescope observing of planets Jupiter, Saturn and Mars, “constellation tours” of the skies of early Fall “and possibly a peak at our neighbor, the Andromeda Galaxy, if conditions are right,” Williams added.

Online reservations are required at

For reservation information send an email to [email protected] and, for astronomy/science information, contact [email protected].

Follow on Twitter @NASAMoon; #observethemoon.

Cloudy or rainy weather will cancel the event.

First Miracle winery is located at 8518 S. Kays Chapel Road near Fredericksburg.