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Northeast Posey

Northeast Posey Northeast Posey
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It is such a privilege to worship again in our sanctuary at The Lighthouse United Methodist Church. Although we can worship anywhere or anytime, it’s just good to “assemble ourselves” together in one accord and praise the Lord. We’re thankful for Pastor Pete, who brings an uplifting message to the congregation each Sunday and also through video weekly of his Sunday sermon and Bible study on Revelation. He is a precious man.

Technology has grown through the years and permitted countries to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ into places I have not even heard of. The time of Christ’s return is near. Time goes so fast it concerns me.

Please be sure to note this Nov. 3. Vote the Bible. Look at the candidates beliefs and morals. It is the most important turning point of our nation. We need prayer warriors to intercede for our country, to keep it “one nation under God.” We need to fight for our freedom. You must be counted.

George’s gardens have done well this year. Our daughter and I put up a lot of the vegetables that we raised. He loves to garden, but it keeps you busy the whole garden season.

It’s a miracle planting a tiny seed and see a plant and nourish it to production. I love to smell the fragrance of fresh corn silking and fresh tomatoes on the vines, fresh broken green beans, making kraut in the crock and fresh mowed hay, its fragrance drifting across the fields. And the busy farmers with their daily chores. The grind of being a farmer.

I remember Daddy’s grind and, if something needed fixed, he fixed it. Things were a lot simpler back then. Dad has a new place to farm now, in the fields of heaven, and Mommy is right there too, singing “Bringing in the Sheaves” and cooking the garden Daddy was good at raising.

I remember a question I asked him one day: “How can a green tomato ripen in the middle of the vine with no sunshine?” Daddy said, “When it’s time.”

Jesus is come back when it is time. The rapture is near. The Healer of our nation is coming soon. I have never seen so much turmoil in our country as it is now.

Time moves fast. It does for me, any way. I am more eternally minded than earthly minded. For one day, all of what I have on earth will be left behind. God has something greater for me in heaven. Amen.

There is a Healer who lives in my heart, soul and spirit. He is coming soon to receive me unto Himself. Glory to God! The rapture is coming. I am ready. The marriage supper of the Lamb is near. The banquet table is ready for the Bridegroom to take His royal seat. He will come through the church of angels blowing their trumpets. Hallelujah! He will be riding a white stallion and wearing a royal crown. Our King of Glory. The King of kings and our Lord of lords. He is coming. Be ready.