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Beef’s airs local sporting events

Beef’s airs local sporting events Beef’s airs local sporting events
Jo Ann Spieth-Saylor, Editor, [email protected]

With local high schools limiting the number of spectators at some sporting events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Beef ‘O’ Brady’s took action to offer an alternative.

Stephenie Thomas, manager of the Beef’s in Corydon, said the corporate office found an app that would allow the sports pub to stream games.

“We can’t do every game,” Thomas said, but efforts will be made to show what diners want.

One of first contests aired at the Corydon location was a varsity volleyball match on Monday.

Besides high school football games, which are limiting the number of attendees, Thomas said other options will include soccer and basketball once that season begins.

“This is something corporate really wanted to do for the community,” Thomas said.

With numerous televisions lining the walls, Beef’s dedicated one centrally located screen in the main dining room as the dominant one for local sporting events. There’s also one in the bar. However, Thomas said if there’s interest, additional TVs can be set up for viewing local contests.

The app also makes two other options available.

Smith said it’s not just live games that can be shown, but some older contests can be pulled from the archives as well. And, she said, they do not have to be local teams.

“If someone comes in whose grandchild plays somewhere else, even in another state, we can find that for them to watch,” Thomas said.

Beef’s will post planned games on its social media, so Thomas recommended patrons check there or call ahead to see what events are scheduled to be aired.

The sports pub is also working on specials for teams that come in to eat after games. Thomas said they can request to watch the game they just played.

Capacity at Beef ‘O’ Brady’s currently remains at 75% due to Gov. Eric Holcomb’s 4.5 stage of his Back on Track plan.

Thomas said she is hopeful the restaurant industry will be allowed to return to 100% on Friday, the day the governor set as possibly reaching the fifth, and final, stage of his plan. Until then, the sports pub is using its two party rooms to seat regular diners.