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September 16, 2020

15 years ago

September 14, 2005

During a meeting that lasted nearly four hours Monday night, the Harrison County Council took under consideration a request from the commissioners to appropriate nearly $497,600 to hire James L. Shireman Inc. to serve as the county’s representative, or watchdog, during the construction of the hospital in northwest Corydon. The commissioners recently selected Shireman for the job. The contract is now being negotiated for the $43-million-plus hospital project, including “soft costs” of the architect, financing and other costs.

Individuals, businesses, churches and agencies in Harrison County are rallying to help victims of Hurricane Katrina which devastated much of the Gulf Coast the morning of Aug. 29. Two groups set off nearly immediately from Corydon to do what they could to help. Four lineman with Harrison REMC joined a caravan of electric co-ops from around the region to Mississippi on a repair mission. REMC lineman Rodney Cecil, Corydon; Steve Saltsgaver, Depauw, Roy Leffler, Depauw; and Billy Baelz, Laconia, returned last weekend from repairing downed power lines in the Mississippi communities of Pascagoula and Ocean Springs.

Congressman Mike Sodrel, R-New Albany, announced yesterday that the Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources has been awarded a federal grant from the National Forest Service of $883,852 for the O’Bannon Woods State Park Aquatic Center. The DNR proposes to construct a new Aquatic Center that will include a swimming area, spray area, new mechanical and electrical features, perhaps a waterslide and wading pool, improved landscape and parking. The center facilities will be ADA accessible and open to the public.

Three years of futility by North Harrison’s girls’ soccer team were washed away with a dunk of the ice bucket last Wednesday night in Ramsey. The Lady Cats, who had never won a varsity match in the history of the program, not only came away victorious, but scored the inaugural victory against none other than arch-rival Corydon Central, 5-2.

Deaths: Doris J. Zink, 73; Walter Mullins, 58; Troy L. Baylor, 33; Barbara Hunter, 54; Floyd B. Simpson, 83; Kaden A. Nunn, infant; Robert L. Kahl Jr., 62; J. Royden Seaton, 69; Phillip A. Seitz, 28; Norman Goodson, 75; Russell H. Lone, 96.

25 years ago

September 20, 1995

Harrison County emergency workers were busy — really busy — Thursday afternoon, but they didn’t let a rash of accidents and a power outage fluster them. David Deatrick, communications supervisor for Harrison County Sheriff’s Dept., said there were 43 runs. “That’s about average for a normal day,” he said, but “then you look that the majority of the runs occurred between 3:46 p.m. and 10:18 p.m.” Starting with a car accident in Ramsey at 3:46 p.m., “it just escalated from there,” Deatrick said.

Animal control — or the lack of it — topped the agenda Monday night at the Harrison County Commissioners’ regular meeting. With backing from the citizen-led Voice of the People, a group of animal activists lobbied for a shelter in Harrison County rather than contributing money to a project in Floyd County. The group plans to organize a Humane Association in Harrison County that would oversee the operation of a shelter, said Gloria Scott, one of several women volunteering to serve.

Harrison County’s Casino Task Force will get a lesson tonight from the consultant who led Rising Sun’s successful campaign for a preliminary gambling license along the Ohio River. Consultant Monte Denbo will meet with the task force at 7:30 p.m. at the Harrison County Office Building. “He is one of the only living experts at this time,” said task force chair Judy Hess. After the presentation, task force members will put their heads together to decide how Harrison County should put its best foot forward before the Indiana Gaming Commission’s hearing next spring, she said.

Junior running back Nick Land turned in a career game against the North Harrison Cougars Friday night, scoring four touchdowns to lead Springs Valley to a 35-12 homecoming win. Land made the most of his 42 yards in receptions and 31 yards of rushing. He caught his team’s only two pass completions for touchdowns, scored another TD on an 11-yard run , then capped the night with a 49-yard pick-off return for a score.

Deaths: Louis McCollum, 72; Charles A. Redden Sr., 71; W. Estelle Fortner, 79; Ivan O. Luther, 88; Lois Gargrough, 81; Veda B. Smart, 78; George K. Gant, 61; James M. Smith, 75; Lee Baker, 81; Mark R. Stevens, 38; William Risinger, 54; Joseph E. Gunter, 79; Earl W. Hays, 81.

50 years ago

September 16, 1970

Corydon Postmaster G.C. Rainbolt is mailing 100 more gavels from wood from the steamer Alice Dean, sunk in the Ohio River July 8, 1863, for the Heth-Washington Civic Club.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Malcolm of Leavenworth have purchased the property of the late Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Markel. Mr. Malcolm is employed by Parks Chevrolet.

Three new teachers have been added to the faculty at Leavenworth High School: Patricia Sieg of Corydon, Joan Wright of Mill Creek and David Atkins of Leavenworth.

Martha Cline Harris, a recent graduate of IUS with a degree in nursing, has accepted employment with the Harrison County Hospital.

Births: Boys — Linda Eaton, June Hart, Frances Sampson, Mrs. James E. Conrad, Mrs. James Gieg, Norma Lincoln, Patricia Smith; girls — none.

Deaths: George J. Wright, 44; Brittie Myers, 82; Charles Louden, 78; Elmer G. Deuser, 75; Lula Brandenburg, 73; Edward Weaver, 59; Howard Brewer, 36; Dana Lyn Combs, infant; Oscar Thompson, 82; Orval Mallory, 91; Ernest Carver; Howard Brewer; John Simpson.

65 years ago

September 14, 1955

Clyde (Happy) Cromwell has been appointed custodian of Indiana’s First Capitol, succeeding Josiah W. Grable, who served the past 2-1/2 years. Cromwell formerly operated Cromwell’s Bakery and later was county clerk.

Frederick Raymond Churchill left Thursday for induction into the Army. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Churchill of Depauw, he will train at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.

Chesney Davis and his mother, Mrs. William Davis of Ramsey, have purchased the Ideal Restaurant in Corydon from Mr. and Mrs. Chet Miller. The restaurant was formerly known as the Brandenburg Restaurant, originally owned by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brandenburg and later by Mr. and Mrs. Harry Brandenburg.

G. Darrell Giddons, who was in the automobile business for several years, has accepted a sales manager position with an automobile firm in Anderson.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Harold Weber, Mr. and Mrs. John Hubert, Mr. and Mrs. William Cullen; girls — Mr. and Mrs. John L. Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Waters, Mr. and Mrs. George B. Allison, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Haas, Mr. and Mrs. Walker Overton, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jones.

Deaths: William Bell, 93; Enoch Rainforth, 92; William Hardman, 83; Merle W. Allen, 49; Hezekiah Allen, 71.

75 years ago

September 19, 1945

Rupert Baxley has taken employment in Foley’s Barber Shop making three barbers now employed in the shop, the others being William L. Rothrock and Asa Harbaugh.

Mrs. Essa Best resigned her position at the local REMC office and accepted a position with the Harrison County Farm Bureau Co-operative Association.

Births: Boy — Mr. and Mrs. Bill Miller; girls — none.
Deaths: George Johns, 74; Josephine Yeager, 73; Anna Smith, 73; Juanita Rosenbarger, 46; Edward Gresham, 65; James Bates, 84; Curtis Mosier, 62; John Moser, 70; Bessie Luckett, 67.

100 years ago

September 22, 1920

Mr. and Mrs. Iler Roby and little son, Lewis, and Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bauman of South Boone attended the Indiana State Fair of Indianapolis and were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Byrum.

Mrs. Josephine Gettelfinger of Morgan Township was taken to Norton Infirmary in Louisville on Friday to submit to an operation for appendicitis. She was quite ill.

Births: Boys — none; girls — Mr. and Mrs Stanley Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Colwell Frakes.

Deaths: Mrs. Katherine Pitman Bell, 87; Jasper Inman; William W. Blake, 75; Hampton Bringle, 85; George Diedrick.