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September 2, 2020

September 2, 2020 September 2, 2020

• I don’t think this coronavirus is going to be cleared up until they put the vaccine and the vaccinations into full force. When they put in the full force and give vaccinations, I think we’ll see a great drop in the coronavirus just like they did with smallpox and polio and the other things before us.

•All we hear now is rigged election, rigged election, rigged election. This is a huge, made-up lie. Don’t be ignorant enough to believe it. It’s all a lie. There is no rigged election, period.

• Masks are required by Indiana state law, or so I thought. I stopped by (a store) this morning, as I have been doing for years. I always get a newspaper. The owners are always pleasant. Today, Aug. 26, 2020, I went in to buy a newspaper. There were about six shoppers, not counting myself, and a delivery man. Only one shopper, the staff and myself wore masks. Even the delivery man wore no mask. The one other shopper and myself are both elderly. The others, including the delivery man, wore no masks. My mask does not protect me from COVID(-19). It only protects others. If I get COVID, I (could) die. Since the owners do not care for my safety or state (mandate), I will never enter their place (again).

• … residents, the mask mandate is still into effect … If you don’t know what that means, you’re to wear a mask covering your nose and mouth when you enter … establishments. Students, you are not exempt from this either. Please keep your community safe. Follow the rules.

• I was calling about the state roads. They’re mowing one swath instead of two and even the interstate they’re letting grow up, letting the weeds grow, letting the bushes grow and letting the seeds blow over on other people’s property. Why don’t they mow everything they own of their property rather than just making one pass?

• I hope the … school corporation does not allow the parents and staff to bully them into making exceptions for contacts, especially when it comes to sports, including football. They have to take the precautions seriously, and the community needs to take the precautions seriously. The ramifications of COVID(-19) are far worse than missing one or two football games or a student being quarantined for 10 to 14 days. This is something we all knew going into school could happen. (The) school corporation has done a great job of trying to juggle both sides of the spectrum. Sometimes I think it’s a little lenient the amount of precautions not being taken, like masks can be off during class. The community just needs to take it serious.

• Just curious how many cases of this virus has to be in Harrison County before they decide to shut the schools down for a couple weeks and to clean the schools and make it safe for our children and our teachers to go to school? …

• How about the bus drivers that speed, don’t stop at stop signs, stoplights? They don’t. And you put your kids on that school bus every morning and every evening. Shame on you, to put your kid in that danger. No seat belts. No clean windows. … They’re carrying around precious cargo. Boycott them.

• I was just wondering when someone, the township and the town, are going to mow the creek bank in Lanesville. It looks very, very trashy for people coming into town and also the people that live in the area. Hope someone can get this done.

• I tell you one thing. Have you ever seen the world in such a mess? People have absolutely gone crazy. Protesting. Killing policemen. Killing kids. Destroying buildings and property. Carrying guns and shooting people dead right on the street. Throwing bricks at them and hitting them in the head. The coming of the Lord is soon, so you better get ready …

• Was just reading the Live Wire. There’s one person in here complaining about somebody not mowing their grass. There’s another person in here complaining about how somebody mows their grass. How about everybody just mind their own business?

• Did you see what happened in Wisconsin this week? They were burning buildings down. All kinds of department stores they burned down. They were setting cars on fire. It was awful. And then, (U.S. Sen.) Rand Paul and his wife are lucky to be alive. He said if it wasn’t for the police, the protesters, when he came out of the Republican convention, they stormed him and his wife. He said they were going to kill them if it wasn’t for the police who saved their lives. Oh, my gosh; I’ve never seen things so awful in this world.

• I would like to know before the November election, on the walls between the United States and Mexico, how many miles or percentage of this wall has been completed since 2016? And, also I would like to know the amount of money the U.S. has received from the Mexican government in their payment. As I understood back in 2016, Mexico would pay for the entire wall.

• I’m wanting to know why it’s OK for people to gather by the hundreds and more to riot and protest but the average citizens can’t get together for a fair or a fall festival. What is going on in this viral society?

• All lives matter.