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Online auction to benefit Lanesville family

Online auction to benefit Lanesville family Online auction to benefit Lanesville family

Becky Menges was known for her giving nature, according to Lora Tucker, a Lanesville resident and one of Menges’ friends.

After Menges’ battle with pancreatic cancer, which she lost on July 11 at the age of 41, Tucker said the community thought it was important to give back to her family.

Menges was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in August of 2018. Chris Kerr, a cousin of Richard Menges, Becky’s husband, works in the medical field and said she became a sort of “coordinator” for Becky and the disease. She attended doctor appointments with her and researched new treatments or remedies to help battle the disease. She noted that even when Menges was in an insurmountable amount of pain, she would still smile and tell doctors she was “doing great” when asked how she felt.

“She’s the strongest wife and mother I have ever known,” Kerr said. “She was a determined fighter, who was so humble and kind. She was fighting to get back to her three kids.”

Tucker and a group of other Lanesville residents wanted to give back to the Menges family but, because of COVID-19, found it hard to figure out what style of event to host. Ultimately, they decided to host an auction through the Beckort Auction website, All proceeds from the auction will go directly to Richard Menges to be used for medical bills and savings accounts for the couple’s three children.

“We wanted to do live music and a big event, then COVID-19 happened,” Tucker said. “We had hoped to do an event she could participate in and attend, but, unfortunately, that wasn’t able to happen as her cancer spread quickly.

“The auction will have a ton of amazing items like handmade quilts, furniture, signed memorabilia and unique baskets,” she said. “We have items that will be eye-catching for every age.”

The auction begins today (Wednesday) and will continue online through Sept. 16. Tucker also noted donations can be made at First Harrison Bank in Lanesville; make checks payable to Richard Menges.

“Becky was one of the most giving people I know,” Tucker said. “The fact that we can do something to give back to her family shows how blessed we all are. Anything will help, and I am so very thankful and grateful to those who have donated time and money to pull this event off.”