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Orme’s book about chasing a dream

Orme’s book about chasing a dream Orme’s book about chasing a dream

It’s common to pick up a biography and read stories of success and what it’s like at the top, but Scotty Orme wanted to write something a bit different.

A 2007 graduate of Corydon Central High School who made a career out of auto racing, Orme said his book, “Duct Tape and Glory,” isn’t the typical auto racing book about big-time races, fame and success. Rather, it’s a story of chasing a dream and the journey of getting there.

Orme started racing in 2004 at the age of 15. The goal was to always make it to the professional arena. In that pursuit, he raced for 15 years in six different types of vehicles and in seven different states.

In 2011, he raced in the UMRA TQ Midget Series and earned the Tony Stewart Rookie of the Year title.

Through those years, Orme learned that some of the best stories weren’t from the accolades and accomplishments, but rather from his stories of how he got there.

“I think what convinced me to go ahead, finish the book and put it out there was that I had never read a book about someone with no family ties to racing or any knowledge of race cars who was clawing and scratching to find their way to the upper ranks,” he said. “I’ve read a lot of books about guys that are already famous, where they spend a chapter talking about climbing the ladder then skip all the hard parts and spend the rest of the book in NASCAR, IndyCar or Formula 1.

“I thought it might be interesting for race fans to read about the real day to day of the cars, tracks and sponsors,” Orme said. “I thought it would be interesting for people who know me to read the rest of the story that they’ve heard bits and pieces of through the years.”

The title “Duct Tape & Glory,” according to Orme, came from what he thought summed up his adventures in racing, how he used grit, determination and what his team had lying around to do what they loved and to be successful at it.

“This book is about ‘the getting there’,” the book description reads. “It’s about the kid that chases the dream and learns along the way that sometimes the finish is less important than the effort, the destination is less important than the journey and the person you expected to be is less important than the one you’ve become.”

Orme’s “Duct Tape & Glory,” which features full-color photos of his time in the racing industry, is available online through Barnes & Noble at and online at the auto racing bookstore, Coastal 181, at