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National media helps to keep things ‘stirred up’

I very much enjoyed and appreciated the guest opinion piece by Maxine Brown. The Indiana history lesson, as well as the experience of Ms. Brown and her family, was interesting and informative. It was also nice to read something that reflected the good of our community.

The national media chooses to highlight and amplify things that should not happen in society. I am not implying that bad things do not happen or that they should not be reported, most certainly they do happen and should be reported. Please keep in mind though that big media is self-serving in their methods of presenting and the goal is always to keep you tuned in. If that means keeping you stirred up, so be it.

Social media, too, looks to divide us into every small group possible by our own “likes,” smiley faces and clicks and then feeds us exactly what we agree with.

Recently, however, I heard a national broadcaster say something that I absolutely agreed with. I will paraphrase. He said for the most part Americans get along. We go to ballgames and sit together and cheer for our team without giving thought to the race, religion (or any other potentially divisive factor) of the other people around us. We are all on the same side, for our team. And most of the time, after the game is over, we don’t mind the other team too much either.

Molly Whooley | Corydon, Ind.