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LCSC sets budget hearing

Additional personnel items approved
LCSC sets budget hearing LCSC sets budget hearing
Kaitlyn Clay, Staff Writer, [email protected]

At its meeting last Tuesday, the Lanesville Community School Corp. approved a few personnel items and commended the teachers for their transition to a new, and unprecedented, school year.

During the principals’ reports, it was noted that about 9% of elementary students and 7% of the junior-senior high students were still virtually attending school. Both Lisa Hammond, LES principal, and Steve Morris, junior-senior high principal, as well as school superintendent, had praises for the teachers and staff, saying they were doing a marvelous job with all the tough challenges the year has brought.

“This is a day-in and day-out grind,” Morris said. “Our teachers are rising to meet the needs of every single student, and I can’t praise them enough. All of the kids we had in quarantine due to a couple cases have returned, and it is so great to see all the kids’ faces each day.”

Board president Robert (Bob) Schickel passed on his compliments to the teachers from the board, stating they are the ones on the front lines and he can’t thank them enough for what they do.

The board approved employment for Megan Love, sub coordinator; Makkena Cannon, temporary teacher; Kevin Smith, volunteer assistant high school basketball coach; Bob Campbell, eighth-grade boys’ basketball coach; and Kim Pullen, instructional aid. They also approved a one-year leave of absence for Kathryn Greenwood and the resignation of Amanda Blocker Engleman as an instructional assistant.

The board also accepted the textbook fees for the 2020-21 school year.

The board’s next meeting will be Tuesday, Sept. 15, at 5 p.m. for a budget hearing for 2021. Members of the community are invited to attend and express their opinions or suggestions to the board about how funds should be allocated. The budget will then be adopted at the October meeting.