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Corydon wins Hokum Karem

Corydon wins Hokum Karem
Corydon wins Hokum Karem
Corydon senior Camden Marshall, above, and teammate Bryce Weber run to a course record time of 32 minutes, 15 second to win the Corydon Invitational Hokum Karem. Photos by Wade Bell
Wade Bell, Sports Writer

The Corydon Central Panthers and Lady Panthers cross-country teams pulled off a sweep last Wednesday afternoon, winning the Corydon Central Invitational Hokum Karem relays both in the team standings and individually.

Corydon wins Hokum Karem
Corydon Central’s Addison Applegate charges toward the finish line during her final leg of the Corydon Central Invitational Hokum Karem.

The Lady Panthers overpowered the field winning by more than 10 minutes to runner-up Tell City, while the boys’ team topped the Marksmen by just less than three minutes.

“I think our team looks pretty good,” said Corydon Central’s Erika Valdivieso, who was partnered with Addison Applegate. “We’ve been putting a lot of work into it, and we’ve been training hard all summer. The last two meets that we’ve had we’ve looked pretty good.”

“We have all upper-classmen who want to go out strong, and that’s a big key,” said Corydon Central’s Bryce Weber, who was paired with senior Camden Marshall. “They want to work.”

A Hokum Karem is run differently with runners paired up in a relay format, with each taking three legs of a mile each and then their combined time acting as a result. Team results are the total combined times of the pairs.

Perry Central’s Julia Etienne grabbed the lead at the start of the girls’ race with Applegate about eight steps behind. Emily Armstrong was in third for the Lady Panthers with Tell City’s Kiara Bundy fourth. Lanesville’s Emilee Snyder was in seventh, a half step ahead of North Harrison’s Blaine Whittaker.

Etienne led through the entire first circuit around the Corydon Central soccer field with Applegate still in second place. Vanessa Barger took over for Etienne, while Valdivieso took over for Applegate. Barger continued to keep the Lady Commodores up front but, during the runners’ second circuits, Applegate and Valdivieso moved to lead. From there, the Corydon Central pair went on to finish in a course record 41 minutes, 6 seconds for the six miles.

Corydon Central’s Emily Armstrong and Morgan Adams finished in second place with a time of 42.05, while Etienne and Barger gave Perry Central a third-place finish in 42:33.

“In a normal 5k race, you kind of pace yourself,” Applegate said of the difference between a regular 5k and a Hokum Karem relay. “On this, since it’s a relay, you have to give it your all on each one so you can get the place you need.”

“I just really thought of it as a workout, per se, as it was going to be my last rep,” Valdivieso said. “Then when I got done, I’d feel like I’ve got one more, then after that one I’ve still got my last one and I’ve got to give it my all.”

“At the beginning, I was really nervous,” she said. “When they took off, I saw the other girl up there with Addison and I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh; this is going to be a close race.’ Then, I just put all of my hope into Addison, hoping that it would go good.”

North Harrison’s Blaine Whittaker and Brook
Schultz finished seventh for the Lady Cats in a time of 45 minutes, 23 seconds. Emily Snyder and Samantha Lawyer finished eighth for the Lanesville Lady Eagles in 46:42.

“In practice, we run mile repeats,” said Whittaker. “It’s just kind of like that, mile after mile, and you try to get faster each time. It’s a very fast course, but it’s got a lot of hills and I like that. I like hills, honestly.”

“It’s a little different this year because usually you tag hands, but this year, with the COVID and everything, you have to run by the line,” she said. “Once they’re over (the line), you can take off and you’ve just got to go as fast as you can.”

Whittaker said running a relay is more of a mental game.

“It’s a mental game because, when you’re running the miles and you’re starting at different times around other people, you’re running by yourself,” said the North Harrison junior. “Running by yourself is the hardest.”

As a team, the Lady Panthers finished first in a combined time of 1 hour, 23 minutes, 12 seconds with Tell City second in 1:33.18. Perry Central was third in 1:33:29 with Lanesville (1:38:07) edging out North Harrison (1:39:06) for fourth.

In the boys’ race, Corydon Central senior Camden Marshall didn’t waste time putting the Panthers out in front, leading through most of his first circuit ahead of Tell City’s Kaden Chestnut and North Harrison’s Jacob Wenning, who was in the third spot. South Central’s Maddox Baker was fourth, and Perry Central’s Cole Hess was fifth during the runners’ first lap.

“This is more fun than a regular race,” said Marshall. “Relays are fun. I think you look at this as more like a workout. You’re going a little bit faster than in 5k’s. You get some rest, so it’s different.”

Bryce Weber took over for Marshall and kept the Panthers out in front. Wenning and partner Ox Castro moved North Harrison up into the second spot during the pair’s second lap ahead of Tell City’s Chestnut and Alec Kaufman.

At the finish, Marshall and Weber also set a course record in a time of 32 minutes, 15 seconds for the six miles. Wenning and Castro kept the Cougars in second place in 33:24, and Tell City’s Chestnut and Kaufman was third in 33:41.

Crothersville’s David Rose and Elijah Plasse moved up into the fourth spot in 33:42, and Perry Central’s Hess and Seth Guillaume rounded out the top five in 34:12. South Central’s Baker and Dylan Davis finished sixth in 35:28, while Lanesville’s Adrien Nannen and Isaac Love finished 13th in 38:26.

“It’s a little more like speed work, which I like,” Marshall said. “It kind of makes you feel more confident than in a regular race. You’re working on your splits, split one, split two, split three, one mile, two mile, three. We’ve been kind of working out trying to get negative splits where they all keep getting faster. That’s what we worked on.”

“We came here to win, but it’s more like a work-out setup,” said Weber.

North Harrison’s Wenning said there has to be a lot of trust between partners for each other to do their part.

“It’s a good race,” said Wenning. “It will test you, and you have to have trust in your partner or you’ll never run a good time. You’re always thinking about how to catch them if you know your partner can’t catch the person in front of you. It’s a fun race. It’s just different from everything else.”

Wenning said during the break you have only a few minutes to set your mind for the next mile.

“What you want for your next time to be,” he said. “I kind of jog around and get a drink of water and get ready to go again, just staying loose so you don’t get tight. The last one I kind of stood around and I could feel it in my calves and everything was starting to get tight. I rolled them out real fast and got up and starting jogging.”

The North Harrison junior said the coronavirus has had a significant affect on his team and the summer training season.

“We didn’t get to be together in big groups to practice this summer or go to camps or anything like that, to meet really and have practice,” said Wenning. “It hurt quite a bit. We had runners that put in serious mileage last summer but then ran only five or six miles this summer for the whole summer. So, it affected our team quite a bit.”

South Central’s Baker said the Rebels knew Marshall would be the dominating runner.

“Coming into this meet, we kind of knew what to expect with Cam and how he was going to go out hard and try to win it since he’s a senior,” Baker said. “We tried to not pace off him and tried to stay back a little bit. For the past couple of days, we’ve been running mile repeats just to prepare for it.”

Baker said COVID-19 has had a big effect on his team when some of the runners were exposed to the virus.

“Coming into this meet, we actually had five runners out,” said Baker. “A couple of them couldn’t come to practice. They didn’t have enough practices. Three of them can’t come because they’ve been exposed to it. We didn’t really know what it was going to be like or who we were going to have running, who was partner with who.

“All summer we couldn’t train, so we decided to rely on ourselves and just hope everybody ran during the summer,” he said. “We tried to get together as a team without the coach because we couldn’t really do that. We tried to get together and run about once or twice a week just so we could try to get ready for the season, try to get warmed up.”

Girls’ Team Results — 1. Corydon Central 1:23:12, 2. Tell City 1:33:18, 3. Perry Central 1:33:29, 4. Lanesville 1:38:07, 5. North Harrison 1:39:06, 6. Scottsburg 1:40:50.

Girls’ Pairs Results — 1. Addison Applegate/Erika Valdivieso (Cory) 41:06, 2. Emily Armstrong/Morgan Adams (Cory) 42:05, 3. Jalyn Etienne/Vanessa Barger (PC) 42:33, 4. Kaylyn Holman/Ella Plasse (Crthrsvl) 42:56, 5. Emily Gunther/Emily Bruce (Cory) 43:08.

Boys’ Team Results — 1. Corydon Central 1:08:17, 2. Tell City 1:11:02, 3. Perry Central 1:12:43, North Harrison 1:13:55, 5. South Central 1:15:55, 6. Crothersville 1:17:24, 7. Scottsburg 1:18:35, 8. Lanesville 1:23:55.

Boys’ Pairs Results — 1. Camden Marshall/Bryce Weber (Cory) 32:15, 2. Jacob Wenning/Ox Castro (NH) 33:24, 3. Kaden Chestnut/Alec Kaufman (TC) 33:41, 4. David Rose/Elijah Plasse (Crthrsvl) 33:42, 5. Cole Hess/Seth Guillaume (PC) 34:12.