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Find ways to heal hurt, stop threats of hate

I personally want to thank Michael Loudon and the Louden’s Chapel Cemetery Board for honoring John Lewis by lowering the American flag to half-staff and by honoring the legacy of this great patriot by displaying the BLM flag. Lewis’ life was a life of sacrifices and struggles as he tried to help America live up to its hopes, visions and goals.

When someone raised the flag to full staff and lowered the BLM flag to the ground, it was truly an unwarranted act of disrespect and dishonor, and I so appreciate you, Mr. Loudon, for addressing the lack of respect for the presidential decree and the dishonoring of John Lewis.

There are so many people that have racist tendencies that don’t even realize it. Be it name calling like “Wuhan virus,” “boy,” “those people,” “wet-backs” and so many more ugly words. It starts out as little jabs of hate but, left unchecked, grows into an active vicious hate. These “little jabs” as “innocent,” as one may like to think, become the foundation of “them” and “us,” which leads to animosity and division.

In a healthy community which is welcoming and value centered, this state of being should not exist without being challenged. So, we must be vigilant in keeping our community strong and healthy by exposing hate with the light of knowledge and love.

It has been said, “Those who have low self-esteem and feel unlovable have difficulty in loving and respecting others.” Let us hope that as a community we can help everyone know that they are valued. There is no need to bring someone else down so that one can feel superior to them.

So many are hurting — they were before this crisis of COVID-19 — but these times have exacerbated that hurt, that pain, that emptiness.

My hope is that we can help each other get through this. There are signs and sounds of that darkening destructive hate dwelling within and around. Perhaps with kindness and love, understanding and patience, we can heal the hurt and stop the approaching threats of hate.

Sandy Gettelfinger | Corydon, Ind.