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August 19, 2020

August 19, 2020 August 19, 2020

• … They want to talk about racism and everything. You know, it ain’t only white cops that’s arresting black people. It’s black cops, white cops, arresting black people. Why is that? …

• If I don’t like somebody, does that make me racist? Does that make them racist that they don’t like me?

• I took my family out to see the Corydon Battle Park the other day, and it was closed. I thought, “Well, that’s really weird. There’s nothing out there that needs to be cleaned. It’s all out in the open where God blesses the air and keeps it clean.” What’s going on with that? Hey, parks board, what’s going on with that?

• I’ve been wondering about cigarette smoke, if it has any effects of the COVID-19. I haven’t heard any information on it. It bothers me, people smoking around me.

• We all have our personality flaws, but not all can create a thriving economy to give life to the American dream while keeping its citizens free and safe.

• I have a question to ask about Walmart’s theory on forcing everybody to use one door when they’re hollering social distances, wearing a mask. If you’re handicapped, you have to try to find a place to park close to the door because everybody is crowded down around one door. If you have something to do at the pharmacy end of the store or beauty aids and stuff like that, you have to go all the way down to the market end and go in, walk the full distance of the store, come back, check out and go back out through the same door. It does not make sense only having one door, forcing everybody through the same door …

• Does anyone know when the fiasco better known as the repair of Doolittle Hill Road is going to end? We now have gotten another projection for the completion. This is in its second year of anticipation and speculation and no work is being performed. Mr. Heitkemper, your constituents use this road daily. It cuts miles, time and fuel costs. Please do your job you were elected to do, represent your constituents. Get this job done.

• The difference between a mail-in ballot and an absentee ballot is absentee ballot you’ve got to show who you are, prove who you are. With a mail-in ballot, anybody can vote …

• I was just wondering if anybody had any idea when Doolittle Hill was going to open back up.

• Why is it that (Harrison) County Council’s first budget meeting from July 31 was not … posted for public viewing until at the latest meeting? … I think our county council needs to make sure that this important information is not only listed for people, but also there’s a lot of questions here. …

• I would like to commend the students at Morgan Elementary School for collecting bottle caps and having a bench made in honor of a custodian they loved, Patty Houser. I thought this was wonderful that she made such an impression on the students. And, I remember my custodian when I was a little girl. I’m 84 now, and I still remember the kindness in southern Illinois of a man named Bill Waters. In the first grade, he helped me put my boots on, and he was there, I think, the whole time I was in grade school. So, thank you, Patty Houser, for what you did for the students at Morgan Elementary.

• I noticed that in the Live Wire someone has mentioned they did not get a flag that was promised to them from Wounded Warriors. Please contact Wounded Warriors. I’ve been donating to it monthly, I think, for five years. I have two flags. They’ve sent them to me. So, please contact them. There must be some reason that you didn’t get it. Maybe it was lost in the mail. There wouldn’t be any reason for them not to respond to you.

• If there was a purple monkey running for president and promised, guaranteed that he would do away with all these soliciting phone calls, (darned) if I wouldn’t vote for him.

• May I suggest a Day of the Dead exhibit for October at the Artisan Center in downtown Corydon.