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Flags of racist organizations have no place near Old Glory

The letter to the editor of July 29 by Michael Loudon complains about someone tampering with the United States flag and the Black Lives Matter flag. He references “white supremacists” several times, assuming that his anonymous perpetrator was a white supremacist, whatever that is, and apparently he believes they lurk around every corner.

Before accusing someone or some group and assuming motives, he should determine who the party is rather than hurling unfounded accusations. It could have been a young prankster or one of his own members or another patriot that disagrees with the Black Lives Matter flag. He just does not know.

I don’t know of, nor have I heard of, a white supremacy organization in Harrison County.

Black Lives Matter is a racist organization as indicated by its very name and in statements on its website. It is offensive to many people. Many of its supporters engage in rioting, looting, attacking the police and other acts of violence. They consider it racist to say “all lives matter” even though all lives do matter. Racist organizations of any focus do not belong in this country, and flags of racist organizations should not fly anywhere near Old Glory, which I defended for nine years, including one year in a combat zone.

The best way to eliminate racism is that no one practices it. And, let’s be clear, racism works both ways.

Jerry Olliff | Elizabeth. Ind.