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August 5, 2020

August 5, 2020 August 5, 2020

• Somebody needs to do something about these speed demons up here on North Road. There’s not a single speed limit sign on North Road between Valley View and Blue River Baptist Church, and these people think they’re at Ohio Valley Raceway when they come by here. And, with the farm equipment and the small kids, it’s just a matter of time where somebody’s going to get seriously hurt unless these people start slowing it down. It’s about time somebody put some speed limit signs on this road or caution farm equipment or something. I know that’s not going to stop them, but at least they can’t use that as an excuse.

• I see every day that the COVID(-19) numbers are rising in Harrison County. Just curious, what do the numbers have to be or the percentage have to be before they close the schools down again in Harrison County?

• Today is July 28. Some of the schools are starting back today. I see on the news Clark County is starting back today. My question is what happened to the good old days when school didn’t start up for the fall until after Labor Day? When I was a kid, we never had to go school ’til after Labor Day, the first Monday in September. Now, they’re already back all through  the last week of July. It’s real hot. It’s too hot for them to go back. It’s not fair to the people that fill up the water parks, the water pools. All that expense and they really don’t get the good of it. You know, there’s always got to be somebody come along and change all the rules, change everything around. I hate it. I wish it still stayed like school not starting until after Labor Day. …

• Wearing a mask is the most patriotic thing we can all do right now to tame this virus.

• In response to Michael Loudon’s letter to the editor July 29 and singing the praises of BLM, I believe you need to do a little further investigation on their roots. The three original founding females bragged they are Marxist trained. All contributions to BLM go through Act Blue, a radical, left-wing, Democrat group pro-Marxist for the overthrowing of America as we know it. …

• I am thinking about going to Walmart, but I think I need a map. I think they should hand out maps to tell you which direction to head in if you need a certain thing. I was in there yesterday and can not find anything. …

• I know we’ve had a lot of rain this summer, but … I was bragging (Harrison County Highway Dept.) up last year the way they took care of Lickford Bridge Road, but the Johnson grass is falling out in the roads and over on Ripperdan Valley  … People can’t see to get out of their … driveway. ….

• I was just watching the news here on Friday evening. They’re talking about some historical building over there that they might tear down or do something with. Well, one woman, her words was it’s history. Well, what about all these statues and that Rebel flag and Confederate flag and stuff that they’re wanting to tear down and tear up and burn? That’s history, too. A lot more historical than some old building. Let’s talk about the art that they’re tearing down.

• It would be nice if they would get a new trash dumpster rather than the old rusty one on the side of the (Harrison County) Court House.

• Thank you, Bruce Burton, for your letter to the editor posted July 22 in The Corydon Democrat. Wayne Willis’ Hope Notes are, indeed, gems of our local newspaper.