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Plan commission issues 70 permits

Plan commission issues 70 permits Plan commission issues 70 permits

Seventy building permits were issued in June, according to the Harrison County Advisory Plan Commission’s report.

Of those, five were for single-family houses, to David and Rebecca L. Grant, Posey Township; Mitchell L. Washer, Posey Township; Brian S. and Connie F. Walter, Franklin Township; Jarrett Agnew, Franklin Township; and Patrick and Sarah Gibson, Jackson Township.

Two permits were issued for modular homes, to Josh Allen, Heth Township, and Lance D. Schilmiller, Morgan Township, and two permits were for mobile homes, to Scot Alan Bean, Taylor Township, and Joseph Paul and Doris Bezy, Morgan Township.

Other permits issued were for five additions, two carports, five decks, 21 electricals, eight garages, six pools, one roof and 13 storage buildings as follows:

Addition — Holton Contracting LLC, Corydon; Josiah Bailey, Boone; David Beanblossom, Boone; Dale Bates, Heth; Alan Yair Osario-Bautista, Corydon.

Carport — John D. Kintner, Harrison; Thomas S. Rickert, Morgan.

Deck — Gerald Ransdell, Blue River; Charles Luker, Harrison; Anna Kinker, Posey; Daniel Cook, Jackson, William Booth Jr., Spencer.

Electrical — Elvin Barks, Heth; Jennifer Smith, Morgan; Kevin Anderson, Harrison; Todd L. and Sylvia L. Rehmel, Blue River; Haynes R. IV and Kim Perry, Morgan; Rudy D. Verganza-Vasque, Heth; Timothy C. Robinson, Harrison; Spencer Fulkerson, Jackson; Becky Fessel, Webster; Payton Thompson, Harrison; Don Ragains, Morgan; Richard S. Bartoszek Sr., Taylor; Berkshire Pointe Mobile Home Park, Jackson; Willie Burns, Webster; Robert Dunn, Blue River; Timothy A. Williams, Harrison; Cathy and Jeremy Simcoe, Harrison; Ronald Nance, Morgan; Linwood K. and Anita L. Verrill, Harrison; Jeremy Ward, Corydon; Tim McCauley, Spencer.

Garage — John Uland, Posey; Patrick S. Mauck, Morgan; Patricia Rodriguez, Franklin; David M. and Barbara M. West, Heth; Ronald J. and Pamela R. Loew, Blue River; Scott Davis, Posey; Dennis E. and Martha J. Albin, Harrison; Justin Pirtle, Morgan.

Pool — Clarence Eschbacher, Corydon; Thad Holton, Harrison; Paul Pittman, Harrison; David L. Frizzell, Jackson; Jamie Lang, Jackson; Chris Lasley, Jackson.

Roof — Nancy Anderson, Corydon.

Storage — Frances S. Carroll, Spencer; Danny R. Evans, Jackson; Jerry Love, Morgan; Timothy Coffman, Harrison; David Jones, Morgan; David Stewart, Posey; David M. and Barbara M. West, Heth; Nathan D. and Eva Robertson, Jackson; Randell T. and Samantha Lee, Spencer; Town of New Amsterdam, Washington; Lee McCullum, Washington; David R. Bogard, Spencer; Jack S. and Debra A. Miles, Harrison.