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July 22, 2020

July 22, 2020 July 22, 2020

• … This COVID-19 virus is very dangerous; has killed almost 139,000 people so far and still people listen to Trump instead of the scientists and the doctors. …

• I’m calling in regards to handicapped people. We have rights too, and I can’t get into Jimmy John’s because … Clucker’s has tables and chairs lined up along the sidewalk to where I can’t get up the ramp in the wheelchair. …

• So, I just called the time and temperature for our area, Corydon, 738-TIME. The time is correct. The dates is correct. Today is July 15 and it is no longer 35 degrees outside. It is now 31 degrees. They really do need to change their time and temperature service and make it correct. It’s been a long time since it was correct.

• It’s hard enough to keep people in the mood to do everything, especially people that don’t really recycle. I personally believe in it. But, we really need to get those recycling centers back open ASAP. …
Editor’s note: The recycling centers in Harrison County have re-opened after being closed due to health reasons.

• I think you people that think the coronavirus is a hoax should talk to the families of the 130,000-plus that have died from it.

• Does anyone miss Emery’s old-fashioned ice cream shop like I do?

• If people won’t wear a mask, I sure don’t think they would quarantine.

• I realize farmers have to use the road just like anybody else, and I’m not begrudging them that, but I think they ought to have a mirror on their tractor or whatever piece of equipment they’re driving and be able to see who’s behind them when they’ve got a long trail of traffic behind them and let us get around them. You know, share the road.

• I was wondering if you all could do a story on why there is a coin shortage. All these years we’ve never had a coin shortage. And what are they going to do for the (WHAS) Crusade (for Children)? Think about the coins there. …

• Forget the personalities of each political candidate for president for it’s more important to consider the direction our country is moving. Do you choose traditional capitalism? Example, where you have two cows you sell one cow to buy a bull so the herd can multiply and the economy grows. Your hope is to sell off and retire on the income. Or, do you choose socialism where you have two cows and you are required to give one to your neighbor? Your decision is important. Voting for the president in November is serious business.

• I’m watching TV and, of course, it’s about the protests, which has went on and on and on. It’s time for it to end. I watch some of the little children that’s involved in the protesting and they’re standing there with frowns on their face. … This is much more than a racism thing. I’m afraid it’s going to start a civil war because those little children standing there frowning, learning how to hate the other race. … When they grow up, what are they going to be? It’s just about time that Americans shape up and learn a thing or two.
• I personally think sending kids back to school is the dumbest thing I ever heard.

• This message is for all residential property owners, the three school corporations and the Harrison County Board of Commissioners concerning improving internet access for students, work-from-home individuals and the general public. We all need to have a reliable internet option available. In the July 8 edition of The Corydon Democrat, there was an article titled “School districts join forces to seek grant.” There was much discussion about creating transmission sites and hot-spot devices for connections through cell-phone providers. It was noted that families cannot get a cell-phone connection at home they could drive somewhere to establish a connection and have students work on assignments there. Really? No, no, no, no, no. … I live outside of Elizabeth. Mainstream is all around me but they will not come down my street unless they have a large percentage of residents who commit to hooking up to their system. It all comes down to money. Instead of transmission sites and hot-spot devices, why don’t we find out how we can raise enough money to get Mainstream to run cable on all remaining Harrison County streets? …

• I want to compliment Darrell Voelker on the great job he does every year in keeping the downtown streets of Corydon so beautiful. The hanging flower baskets are great as usual and very well kept. Thank you, Darrell.

• Come on, people. Is there anyone with a modicum of intelligence that still believes all the chaos in the streets, vandalism, arson and, yes, even murder, has anything to do with the color of skin of lack of it? We do not have a skin problem. We have a sin problem. The Bible says anyone who hates his brother hates God. Don’t we have enough to worry about with millions infected in the pandemic and thousands dead or dying? Our best and brightest are still being sent to a sand pile somewhere to be maimed physically or mentally or killed for what? Worst of all, America is a laughing stock in the world. No one believes our word for good reason. I remember when all it took was our word. We are always being asked to pray God will bless America. Could we be any more arrogant? This country has been blessed beyond measure. I’ll be praying all right, but it will be for mercy.

• The only question that needs to be asked about whether going back to school is the correct thing to do is, are we safer now than we were when you closed the schools in March of this year? Are the children going to be safer now? According to the graphs and the numbers, they aren’t. We are headed, and very close, to as bad as in April, so sending children back in a worse situation is just ludicrous. I hope the superintendents will take note because lives are in danger.

• With newly (Harrison County State Historic) Site manager Brittany Miller on board, what can the public look forward to once recovered from the pandemic? Any chance for the fun-themed dinner parties once offered by previous state employees Laura and Bec?

• I want to know if the JayC or Walmart sanitizes their self checkout every time someone uses them or am I catching somebody else’s germs that just left. That’s a good question. I’d like to know the answer.