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July 22, 2020

15 years ago

July 20, 2005

The countywide alternative school may be one vote away from leaving Gerdon Youth Center, and some revenue at the center may be endangered. The Harrison County Commissioners put their vote behind a recently formed non-profit alternative school corporation board Monday night, and county council chair Gary Davis suggested officials ask that a $75,000 appropriation be returned by Furthering Youth Inc., the board which governs the GYC.

Now that the Harrison County Commissioners have approved an architectural firm for the $1.2 million third leg of the Indian Creek Trail in Corydon, Carl W. Kellem, the new president of Indian Creek Trail Committee, thinks “the next two years should be an exciting time.” Kellem succeeded Bill Gerdon, who asked last month to be relieved after chairing the pedway committee for seven years. On Monday night, the commissioners followed the ICTC’s recommendation and approved the selection of Rundell-Ernstberger Associates of Muncie to design the 15,562-foot trail that would extend from the West Bridge in Corydon to the parking lot on Indian Creek in the Hayswood Nature Reserve. Two bridges will be needed.

The Harrison County Board of Commissioners Monday night sanctioned Milltown’s plans to repair and upgrade its sewer system but left the funding issue to the fiscally responsible county council. Milltown’s plan for the $1.9 million project calls for a $500,000 contribution from Harrison County; Crawford would kick in $50,000. The balance of the funds would come from a Community Focus Fund grant of $500,000 and U.S. Rural Development Fund loan of $921,000.

Never before has a celebrity golf tournament been able to boast a field of primarily Hall of Fame enshrinees until now. NEL Hall of Fame Legend and Louisville native Paul Hornung has invited 25 of his fellow Hall of Famers and friends to partner with sponsored foursomes for what promises to be an all-star event to rival none. The inaugural Golden Boy Hall of Fame Celebrity Golf Classic will take place July 31 and Aug. 1 at Caesars Indiana and Chariot Run golf course.

Deaths: Tracey Nicolas, 47; Leona M. Nixon, 81; Wilfred Jenkins, 84; Francis Hofelich, 87; Muriel Tilson, 62; Dorothy Shields, 83; Anna L. Pittman, 76; Howard W. Senn, 66; Evie E. Loew, 24; Carl Wagner, 43; Virginia Johnson, 84; Robert Earl Carver, 77.

25 years ago

July 26, 1995

Sixty dollars worth of excavating work turned out to be a lot more expensive for developer Mike Sphire, who agreed last month to pay a $1,100 fine for moving trees into the floodway along Blue River. Last year, Sphire bought the old Curts farm along S.R. 62 about seven miles west of Corydon. The 30-acre parcel includes about 4,000 feet of Blue River frontage. The fines stemmed from work performed in August 1994, when a Salem excavating firm cleared some trees from a fence row.

Loud. Competitive. Thrilling. That sums up the last three nights of the 1995 Harrison County Fair. Throw in another crowd-pleasing night — another demolition derby -— and you have the makings of a really smashing, well-attended event. “I don’t remember ever having a time where we had to park on the track four nights,” said fair board president Steve Haggard. But that’s what they did, and each of the fair board members helped parked cars at least one night. “This is the biggest crowd ever,” Haggard said.

The quiet, pristine setting of Seven Springs Lake near Elizabeth has residents fishing for a way to block a planned airpack they believe would destroy the serenity. The Seven Springs Lake Lot Owners Association will take its concerns about a planned airpack at the lake to the Board of Zoning Appeals meeting tomorrow night, said Peggy Bonnet, one of six members named to a negotiating committee. At issue, she said, is that zoning approved Jim Robinson’s plans for an airpack 10 years ago, without limiting the number of planes, yet knowing the scope of the residential development to come. At the time, there were only about 10 property owners, but now there are more than 100.

The golf course at the Corydon Country Club has long been a work in progress with the emphasis placed on progress. Now comes the most progressive work of all. With membership at an all-time high of 240 and its fiscal house in order, the club’s board of directors voted recently to move ahead with a $1 million expansion project that will turn the existing nine-hole layout into an 18-hole course. “We’ve positioned ourselves to where we’re generating enough revenue and cash flow now to justify going forward and building the new nine,” said club president Don Gossman, who met with members Thursday night to bring them up to date on the plans and answer questions.

Deaths: Jean I. Denbo, 94; Roy A. Harris, 31; Mary Anita Blum, 76; Mary E. Russell, 96; Geneva J Brown, 92; Lela Crecelius, 95; Louis H. Ringle, 85; Nellie Garland, 88; Wayne O. Flock, 73; John D. Hamilton, 26; Nora B. Ogden, 85; Linnia Troutman, 87; Glen A. McIntosh, 76; William L. Spray, 76; Alice MacKenzie, 61; Cleo W. Gorin, 84; Verna Sue Davis, 62; Audrey C. Ratts, 64; Marilyn Sue Ingle, 50.

50 years ago

July 22, 1970

Harrison County Hospital “veterans” are honored on the 20th anniversary of the hospital. Parvin Baumgart, board member, presented blue and gold pins to those who have worked there since 1950: Dr. Louis Blessinger, Dr. Wilfred Brockman, Dr. Carl Dillman, Jane Heishman, who is a surgical technician, and Florence Williar, dietary department.

The chimney of Elizabeth Grade School was struck by lightning last Wednesday. Damage was severe enough to require a new chimney and roof repair, caused by falling bricks.

The Old Capitol Saddle Club had an afternoon ride at the farm of Lou (Blackie) Flora, Mauckport. The trail led through river bottoms, the Big Woods and “Haunted Holler.” Barney Arnold, WHAS Farm Director, rode the trail with the other 62 riders.

Jack Miles won the Invitational Tournament of the Brandenburg Gold Club last Saturday and Sunday.

Births: Boys — Mrs. Richard Cabell, Carolyn Taylor, Joyce Bruner; girls — Mrs. Gerald Saulman, Brenda Bliss.

Deaths: Harvey Miles, 22; Michael Fink, Sr., 66; Hallie Mathews, 88; Harry Feller, 76; Roy F. Jenkins, 72; Morris Chinn, 64; William Baker, 75; Mrs. Ada Gleb, 77; Mrs. Lois Krause, 54; William Elwood; Mrs. Nellie Washburn, 58.

65 years ago

July 20, 1955

Mrs. Isabelle Hughes and Miss Abbie Louden went to Indianapolis Monday to attend the annual conference of the E.U.B. Church in University Heights Church. They are representing the White Cloud Charge.

David Limeberry, son of Mr. and Mrs. Limeberry, went to Detroit last Thursday to spend two weeks with his aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Swearengen.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Engleman, Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Ollis, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Frederick; girls — Mr. and Mrs. John Lewellyn, Mr. and Mrs. Gayland Faith, Mr. and Mrs. John Longo.

Deaths: Mrs. Emma McIntosh, 83; Mrs. Anna Cooper; Mrs. Viola Wilson, 71; Charles E. Zenor, 47; Theodore M. Endres, 45; Mrs. Mabel Long, 52; Clarence Duechars, 80; Mrs. Katie Brewer, 44.

75 years ago

July 25, 1945

Pfc. Charles Vogt was killed in action June 21 in Okinawa. He is a son of Henry Vogt of Webster Township. Pvt. Roy Funk, 18, of Posey Township, died from heat at Camp Hood, Texas. He is a son of Mr. and Mrs. John Funk.

Guy S. Reas has bought the ice storage house south of the K of P Building from Frank Bulleit. Mr. Reas also has an ice storage in connection with his feed supply and grinding plant, coal yard and ice business at West Chestnut and Water streets.

Births: Boy — Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Ashton; girls — none.

Deaths: David E. Neafus, 83; Cornelius Neafus, 76; William Snider, 77; James Winter, 64; Alexander Mitchem, 84; Columbus Mauck, 77; Betty F. Smith, 14; Mrs. Harriet Pitman, 90; George W. Bandy, 83.

100 years ago

July 28, 1920

Billie, the 5-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Oswell Martin of Corydon Jct. sustained a broken leg last Monday afternoon. He climbed upon a pile of lumber which fell, throwing him to the ground, breaking one bone in the left leg between the knee and the ankle.

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Barger of Kokomo are spending a week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Barger, near Elizabeth.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Alph Knear, Mr. and Mrs. Gustav Schoen; girl — Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ridley.

Deaths: Mrs. Emmaline Panky, 70; Harry Fowler, 65; Mrs. Edith Hottell Miller, 38; Mrs. Iona Brock, 42.