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Plan commission issues 66 permits

Plan commission issues 66 permits Plan commission issues 66 permits

Sixty-six building permits were issued in May, according to the Harrison County Advisory Plan Commission’s report.

Of those, three were for single-family houses, to Donald Satori in Harrison Township, Norman R. and Roxane Swarens in Blue River Township and Ronald W. and Kimberly Uesseler in Franklin Township.

Two permits were issued for modular homes, to Carolyn Colligan in Posey Township and Victor Allen Weathers in Spencer Township, and one permit for a mobile home, to Tabitha May Bachmann in Morgan Township.

Other permits issued were for four additions, one carport, three commercial, two decks, 26 electricals, two garages, six pools, two porches, 13 storage buildings and one tower as follows:

Addition — Dennis Martin, Jackson; R.W. Properties LLC, Harrison; Eric B. Smith, Boone; Lanesville Christian Church, Franklin.

Carport — Lindsey and Heidi Skidmore, Heth.

Commercial — Town of Corydon (3).

Deck — Jude Ware, Spencer; Matthew Schickel, Lanesville.

Electrical —Adam Christie, Lanesville; Town of Corydon; Thomas Hauswald, Harrison; Robert Vern Lahue, Harrison; Franklin George, Heth; Trent D. Carlson, Heth; Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Corydon; Kody Niese, Harrison; Nathan S. Heinze, Posey; Kim and Rhonda Wiseman, Webster; Town of Elizabeth, Posey; George Smith, Spencer; Cody Austin, Jackson; Daniel Shireman, Harrison; Luke Schultz, Posey; Ed Barnes, Harrison; Gleitz Farm LLC, Franklin; Betty Satori, Morgan; Derick Ollis, Morgan; Joseph Poe, Blue River; Ken and Kristine Biggs, Heth; Charles Hitner, Spencer; Tabitha Marie May Bachmann, Morgan; Dustin Walker, Harrison; Nancy Klein, Blue River; Kirk Martin, Spencer.

Garage — Victor Allen Weathers, Spencer; Josh Cole, Jackson.

Pool — Timothy B. Ballard Jr., Jackson; Janell L. Frank, Harrison; Brent Bierman, Jackson; Amy and Laurie A. Kamer, Jackson; Kevin L. and Jolinda R. Jones, Harrison; John Johnson, Harrison.

Porch — Carl Whitman, Harrison; Michael Milchling, Morgan.

Storage — Mike Rosenbarger, Spencer; Dwayne Thomas, Boone; Randall D. and Marsha J. Ratliff, Jackson; Lisa Benham, Jackson; Chris Rainbolt, Jackson; Veronica Battista, Spencer; Gloria F. Schindler, Franklin; Jacob Missi, Harrison; Dustin Phillips, Milltown; Randell T. and Samantha Lee, Spencer; John Johnson, Harrison (2); and Adam Harbeson, Harrison.

Tower — Louis C. Meisner Jr., Blue River.