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July 15, 2020

July 15, 2020 July 15, 2020

• What happened to the days when companies would return phone calls to let somebody know whether they had been hired or not hired? At least when they are not hired, they should call or even email and say thank you for applying for this position but we have filled it. Companies need to remember people are still people and would like to know what’s going on instead of being hung on a string and waiting.

• Today, I’m thinking of one of my dear friends who passed away about a month ago. Ed was a good fisherman, and he would bring me frozen fish all ready to eat. He caught more than he could eat, I guess. I got to know him about 35 years ago. We worked for the same company but in different departments. We hit it off right away. Ed was black and me white. We never in all those years discussed race because we really had no special reason to. We respected each other and we always got along just great and treated each other with respect. As we get older, we tend to appreciate the friends that we’ve made through the years. And, as I reach my 74th year, I find it so hard to understand why people go to such effort to dislike people because of race, religion or any other reason that they don’t agree with. …

• I’m just calling because I am very concerned that our community is so afraid of change. Things like Black Lives Matter and defund the police aren’t scary. Black lives matter because all lives matter. … I think the anonymity of this platform allows people to say such unkind things on a weekly basis and that really breaks my heart …

• I’m calling about Mainstream. (It) received $5 million from the taxpayers of Harrison County … Now this past week at the commissioners’ (meeting), (Allison Schalk) requested three-quarters of a million dollars to put in an internet for the schools: Lanesville, North Harrison and South Central. … I’m 100% against it, and I wish the commissioners and council would all vote no …

• This Fourth of July weekend I was able to go down and visit the Sporting Club at the farm. What a great place to shoot sporting clays.

• I’m calling about the person who is upset with people because they demand that we wear masks. If you don’t want to wear a mask, stay home. It’s simple as A, B, C. Just stay home if you don’t want to wear a mask.

• It says on the news now about canceling all culture in America. That means all books, all movies, everything that we know, all art work. Nothing could be left. This is very serious because, in that case, we will go back to caveman style where we can’t even draw on the rock walls. There used to be a list of banned books when I was in high school, and all you had to do was put that list out and everybody read those books. I think we need to put history on the banned list for students and maybe they would read their history and know where their freedoms really lay. But, this is getting really serious that a play like “Hamilton” (could be) banned and that all books by (J.K.) Rowling (could be) banned …

• I was quite angry to load up my family’s recyclables and to go to Elizabeth recycling center only to find it closed with a sign stating it was due to the COVID virus. This is an important service and, if it is necessary to close, then they should put an ad in the paper letting people know instead of the current ad that says that it’s open 24/7.

• Today’s July 10, and we’re still having fireworks. I live in town, and people do not respect what’s going on with other people. They were shooting off some great big, loud booming things, and they’re still shooting them at 12 o’clock at night. And, people have to get up early and go to work, not to mention what it does to the poor little animals. A little dog’s ears is 10 times more sensitive than a human’s. I know some people that have said their little dogs just trembled and went into trauma. It scares them so bad. When on earth will people learn to have some respect? …

• We have a unique attraction to visit, the Battle of Corydon Park. Yet, it is now closed for more than half the year. This year it appears that it will not even be open at all. Why? The (Harrison County) Parks Dept. board had a very important budget vote (July 1), but three board members were absent. Why? Have the county spend more money to develop campgrounds around Corydon? Why?

• I’m sick to death of all these riots and protests. It doesn’t get you anywhere. Just a lot of mad people destroying and, in some places, people being killed or hurt. Taking down all these statues is destroying history, my history, and you have no right to do that. History may repeat itself but not the exact way. What’s next? Our courthouse because it was the first? … Love thy neighbor. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Get off Facebook. Mind your own business. And don’t be on Facebook telling others your business. Take care of you and yours and stop counting on government assistance. You don’t have to be a hermit to mind your own business and take care of you, take care of your own family. I repeat, mind your own business and leave my history alone.

• I just can’t believe it, that they are (considering) to take John Wayne’s statue down because of something he said 50 years ago. In my opinion, that’s just going way too far.

• I went to Salem Motor Speedway the other day for the Firecracker 150. Met the owner; sat down and ate dinner with them. Them old boys eat good before the races. Good fried chicken. Bill, thanks a lot for VIP and all that. Glad to meet you. Thanks a lot for feeding the legends. Means a lot. You know he told me that I am the history. I made some history up there for years, last 50 years any how. Love that place. Salem Motor Speedway, legends of the high banks. Legends live. Legends die.

• Regarding funding the (Harrison County) Discovery Center, “We should be trimming cost,” Scott Fluhr said. Is this the same guy who supported spending $1.5 million to build a boat ramp that seems to be rarely used?