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July 8, 2020

15 years ago

July 6, 2005

If everything goes as planned, Harrison County Hospital could break ground in September or early October on an estimated $42 million facility northwest of Corydon. The hospital will ask the county council at its July 11 meeting to appropriate the first of three annual payments of $4 million each toward the project, as previously stated. HCH executive director Steve Taylor said hospital officials are cautiously optimistic that bids will come in under the earlier rough estimate of $30 million for construction.

The Harrison County Board of Commissioners yesterday refused to sign checks allocating $3 million in riverboat revenue for school building projects which would ultimately reduce property tax rates. The seven-member county council had approved the money from riverboat revenue at its last meeting in June.

Hot, dry weather, high gas prices, increased publicity and lower fees for some visitors have combined to make this season a record-breaker so far in attendance and income for the Harrison County Parks Dept. “Things have been phenomenal,” said Claudia Howard, director of the park system, yesterday. “The weather’s been on our side, for one thing. We call this Miami North,” Howard said, with a laugh. “It has been hot enough.”

Religion in professional sports is nothing new. In recent years, however, a slew of high school squads — including girls’ basketball teams from Corydon Central, North Harrison and Lanesville, Lanesville’s softball team and North Harrison’s football team, to name a few — have called upon a higher power before their games begin. For many high school athletes, prayer is now a big part of the game.

Deaths: Mary I. Craig, 67; Danny Roberts, 21; Charles A. Merk, 89; Joshua Gabbard, 19; Robert Walther, 76; Bonnie J. Dones, 75; Clarence C. Lind, 82; Archie Kintner, 85; Dr. Arthur M. Schoen, 93; Dorathy M. Underwood, 89; Mary A. Mauch, 89; Bonnie J. Dones, 75; Blanche L. Hardesty, 87; Archie Kintner, 85; Jennifer Hacker, 46.

25 years ago

July 12, 1995

The oldest continuously-running county fair in Indiana is ready for another go around. The Harrison County Fair hasn’t missed a lick since 1860 when the first Harrison County Agricultural Society purchased 28 acres just south of Little Indian Creek in Corydon. It kicks off with a parade Sunday and culminates with a drawing for a new Chevrolet S10 pickup next Saturday evening.

One of Harrison County’s oldest and largest employers, Keller Manufacturing Co., got a property tax abatement Saturday on new equipment that could mean 25 to 30 new jobs. But more importantly, said Councilman Alvin Brown, is keeping the 500-plus Keller jobs that could move south, where property taxes are cheaper and some manufacturing equipment isn’t taxed at all.

State Rep. Paul Robertson presented Hoosier Valley Economic Opportunity Corp. with a $225,000 check Friday to remodel the old Eckart Supply building in Corydon. The money will go toward the development of a Human Resource Center in Harrison County. HVEOC, The Step Ahead Council of Harrison County and local government will work together to provide “client centered,” one-stop assistance for multiple human services for the residents of Harrison County, said Beverly Calender-Anderson, executive assistant of HVEOC.

Jason Harvey and Andy Miller, two recent graduates of North Harrison High School, will compete in all-star games in two different sports this weekend. Harvey will be one of Southern Indiana’s quarterbacks this Saturday when the Hoosier All-Stars square off against their peers from Louisville in the annual Bridge Bowl. Miller will play in the Indiana North-South All-Star baseball series this Saturday and Sunday at Indiana University in Bloomington.

Deaths: James J. Boyer, 60; Verna Tedder, 80; Illene Atz, 78; Clyde E. Leffler, 77; Brice Bauserman, 84; Rachel A. Warren, 94; Hope Allen Davis, 75; Donald B. Laswell, 67; Misty D. Gibson, 19; Anne Johnson, 59; Francesca M. Wassing, 51; Cleo C. Bertrand, 75; Norma L. Sakel, 58; Marion Luckett, 81; Clarence Voyles.

50 years ago

July 8, 1970

Mrs. George Ferriell was surprised last Monday when Sister Mary Sylvia and Sister Reaka of Kansas City, enroute from Vincennes, spent the night in her home. It had been about 40 years since Mary Sylvia taught Mrs. Ferriell in grade school in Loretta, Ky.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lethco of Clearwater, Fla. and Harry Lethco of Indianapolis were weekend visitors of Paul, Violet and Catheryn Lethco at Union Chapel.

Births: Boys — Linda Bruner; Mary Evelyn Hollrah, Ella Mae Hobbs, Joyce Taylor, Mrs. Keith Schneider; girls — Brenda McCoy, Glenda Sieg, Paula Weathers, Mrs. Myron Morgan, Mrs. John W. Conrad.

Deaths: Sam Miller, 80; Jessie M. Kintner, 83; John Swartz, 80; Eva Mae Swartz, 61; Louis Emily, 59; Frank Trowbridge, 74; Hervert Lowe, 64; Jean Ann Summer, infant; Lorena Taylor, 62.

65 years ago

July 6, 1955

Dr. Stanley Davidson and Mrs. Davidson of Gate City, Va., visited Dr. Davidson’s uncle, N.R. Davidson, and wife on Monday. They were enroute home from Aurora, Ill., where they attended the funeral services of his sister-in-law, Mrs. Robert O. Davidson.

Miss Anita Gaye Rainbolt of Brookport, Ill., is visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Alva Rainbolt Sr. and Lee L. McKim of Corydon.

Births: Twins — Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Love; boys — Mr. and Mrs. Walter Zabel, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Heuser, Mr and Mrs. Ben Jeffreys, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Riley, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Feller, Mr. and Mrs. James Simcoe, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Kemp, Mr. and Mrs. James Duggins, Mr. and Mrs. George Jones, Mr. and Mrs. John O. McKim; girls — Mr. and Mrs. George Adolph, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hess, Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Faith, Mr. and Mrs. Merlyn Spencer, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Harbeson.

Deaths: Mrs. Martha Leopard, 56; W.F. Cleaver, 50; Elbert Eugene Eaton, 17; James B. Deputy; Mrs. Phebie Miller, 89; Mrs. Oma Fowler, 74; Mrs. Kemp Ehalt, 87.

75 years ago

July 11, 1945

Corporal Elmer Smith was killed on Luzon on June 23. He was 33 years of age and the son of Mrs. Edna Smith and the late Charles Smith.

Harrison County made one of the most outstanding records of any county in Indiana by exceeding its Seventh War Loan quota by about 48 percent. Total sales of War Bonds in this county for the eight weeks of the Sevent Loan exceeded $590,000.

Births: Boy — Mr. and Mrs. Dale Skelton; girls — none.

Deaths: Orlene Kitterman, 58; Mrs. Rose Walters, 68; Sgt. Leonard J. Thill; Harold Denny, 55; Logan Montgomery; Cheryl Ann Reed, infant.

100 years ago

July 14, 1920

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Jordan and two children, Juanita and Wayne, of Watseka, Ill., spent last week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Eli Mathes, and other relatives near Corydon.

Mrs. Chris Roudenbush of near Elizabeth, who has been very ill from eating ice cream which poisoned her, is reported some better.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Denbo, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence McKinley; girls — Mr. and Mrs. Claud Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Glenda Bartley.

Deaths: Charles E. Collins, 49; Mrs. Mary Froman, 60; Ben Riley, 65.