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2020 election might be déjà vu for Democrats

There are striking similarities in the 2016 presidential campaign and the 2020 campaign. Hillary called all Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables,” and Biden recently called 10% to 20% of Americans “bad people.”

These stupid and condescending remarks have only energized Republicans and Independents. Pro-Trumpers have an enthusiasm rating of 54. Biden supporters’ rating is 24.

Biden is “Dullsville,” while Trump resonates and motivates. Complacency was prevalent for the Dems in 2016 and is today. They felt no need to “rally the base” in battleground states. The polling data was indicating a victory.

Of course, we know they lost several of these crucial states.

“Basement Biden” has been hibernating for two months now and still maintains his strategy is effective because he is ahead in the polls.

There are many who dislike and disapprove of the president as they proclaim their rhetoric through the left and liberal media megaphone. They have a right to express their dissension. It is the Trump haters who are problematic to our democracy. These toxic individuals called him a demagogue and wanted to begin impeachment hearings even before he was sworn in.

Absolutely nothing positive will ever come from using hate as a motivator. Hate-driven politics is an ugly profound evil that creates only one result: negativity.

Will Biden meet his “Waterloo” in November?

Americans did not want a career politician in the White House in 2016 and may not want one in 2020.

Paul Kitterman | Corydon, Ind.