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Keep the kindness going

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Keep the kindness going Keep the kindness going
Curley Esterdley

9/11 was a shock to the nation. And, it was even harder for those directly affected.

9/11 brought everyone together, but the kindness and compassion for others eventually faded.

Everyone eventually went back to their lives in the fast lane and left no time to make efforts to be kind because of being so busy. I’ve also noticed much more anger in and bullying by people in the last several years. I found myself feeling angry because of the hate breeding in this country.

With no disrespect to 9/11, the novel coronavirus is killing more people than 9/11 did. It also has had a direct personal impact on each citizen, no matter their situation. Though COVID-19 has such a negative impact on us all, it has affected us in a positive way: We all have had a common enemy. It is causing people to slow down and look around at life. It causes many to rethink and reflect. Kindness and compassion began to spread throughout the country. People helping people became an everyday thing in our lives. People began to think of others in many ways. It has been so heart-warming for me to watch it spread.

So, I decided to write about keeping kindness going, but then more happened, causing me to regroup my article.

Just as people started to emerge back into society, George Floyd was killed. Protests, and then the unnecessary riots and looting, began. Kindness started to fade, and people were angry again, on both sides of the issue. Now, we are pitted against each other due to racial discord. Hate has begun to emerge. My heart began to ache. Looters ruined the peaceful protests and are causing more stress on law enforcement. I became angry, and it felt awful.

Then I started to prepare my article again, another thing happened.

Last week, my neighbors and I were victims of the unnecessary violence when vandals busted out our car windows and a business’ large display window down the street. Nothing was taken, just destruction for no reason but anger or stupid thrills. We all felt so violated and undeserving of the crime. We were angry, confused and sad all at once. It took me several days to get my thinking back on a positive track.

With that said, I still ask that we all take time to be kind each day in some way. It not only means everything to the receiver, but it is good for the giver as well. It warms the heart and gives happiness to the giver. Happiness relieves stress, and stress is so unhealthy. So, slow down and take time to be kind in some way. Get rid of the anger. You’ll feel so much better.

Kindness is a great family project. It teaches your children to have compassion for others. It also gives them a warm heart, making them healthier, happier and more positive thinkers. So many simple things can be made to hand out, such as a painted stone with a simple smiley face. I’ve made more than 100 small, clear vase-filler stones and adhered them onto the flat side. I have several in a basket on my porch for the mail carrier and delivery people. I pass them out to anyone I come in contact with and say, “Put a smile in your pocket!” It is so fun to see the surprised, happy look on their faces.

Simple things can bring all kinds of happiness. Home-made cards are another simple thing you can make. A simple phone call or FaceTime is great, too.

During a time when people are clashing on beliefs, please take time to remember that everyone lives in different situations. Respect the beliefs of others even when you don’t concur or understand. We were not put here on earth to be hateful and mean. We were put here to do good for all. Have patience and just be kind. Please, keep the kindness going.