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June 17, 2020

June 17, 2020 June 17, 2020

• Whenever things happen and someone gets treated unfairly and harmed and hurt, then I do think people have a right to protest, but I think they should leave the violence out of it. Because when it became violent, there’s been a lot of people that got hurt, even killed, that never had anything at all to do with anything concerning the protesting, the rioting and all of that. It’s hurt so many innocent people. …

• So, it was OK for the Republicans for eight years to mock Obama, call him names and block important legislation that he wanted to do, but it’s not OK to say Trump is an idiot … ? And if you recall, he said the virus was like the flu; we got it under control; don’t worry about it. … and if they’re looting, shoot them. That’s really smart …

• It’s funny how (some people) want a salary job but then, when they have to do extra work, they want paid for it. I’m not saying the health department hasn’t done a lot of work over the last few months, but I don’t think it’s fair that they should get it …

• I’ve been sitting here watching these riots on TV, in about every big city … Those protesters are … against the cops over a few bad apples. … even (Louisville) Mayor (Greg Fischer) has turned against them. They set that curfew over in Louisville. Well, today’s Thursday, and I see where Fischer has lifted the curfew because he’s (likely) afraid of losing a vote. Every one of them good cops -— because there’s a bunch of them, which I know there’s bad ones — … should’ve said, “Hey, we’re going to turn it over to the politicians. Let them handle it.” Go out on the streets; pull the cops and state police and national guard off and let the politicians go out there and handle it …

• This is for the person who called in (recently) asking people to listen (to) and watch Rachel Maddow. … Perhaps you are trying to get more people to watch her, but, for me, I will never watch her.

• Lives matter.

• I got an order of french fries out here at Kentucky Fried Chicken here in Corydon. I don’t know what brand they were but they come with the four chicken tenders. They were great. They ought to be on a national registry of great-tasting fries.

• “Don’t Tread on Me” flag wavers?  Looks like everyone who wanted to fight back against a tyrannical government suddenly disappeared …

• I think since I have to pick up my dog’s poop, then people who ride horses should pick up their horse’s poop.

• Corona(virus) season then riot season and now hurricane season. Do I need a mask, a Glock or a weather radio?

• All these flowers and shrubs look pretty and it’s nice they are blooming, but I hope people think of how others have to drive or walk there and we can’t see around them.

•If the police officers buy trucks, then they have to call a car officer to haul the prisoner in. … There is no sense in buying trucks. They need to buy trucks for the guy picking up trash out there so he can throw it in the trucks and take it to the dump instead of having another crew go out there and pick up the trash bags.

• I’m glad to see Confederate statues and the flag being removed from public display because they are a symbol of how white supremacy has become embedded in our culture and they need to go.

• It sure didn’t take NASCAR very long to cave in.

• Millions of people in this country are ignoring this coronavirus. Experts say this is just the beginning. Many of these people refuse to wear a mask because it infringes on their rights. I’d like to know where they get their rights to affect other peoples’ lives.

• My husband works in town, and every day he complains about people walking off the job, leaving to goof off or other things. He is the supervisor, and he has to work the line because they walk off. He says HR won’t do anything about that. …