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IFOC in-person chaplain training canceled

IFOC in-person chaplain training canceled IFOC in-person chaplain training canceled

The International Fellowship of Chaplains’ in-person class that was planned for 2020 has been canceled. Instead, only an online class is available this year.

Married couples will get $25 off each for class and credentials, while first responders and veterans will get $25 off of credentials.

What is a chaplain? The office of chaplain is a diversified position of “helps.” The licensed or ordained chaplain is a spiritual leader who specializes in providing spiritual care and practical helps to a diverse population in the workplace and community and is also trained in short-term intervention ministry.

IFOC chaplains are there to listen and walk beside those who are in need, providing counsel and comfort in trust and confidentiality. Chaplains care for the “whole” person and is a trusted confidant in times of deepest needs.

Chaplains through the IFOC are not affiliated with a particular religion, denomination or church. Chaplaincy is done outside of a church or religious organization.

IFOC chaplains are trained and experienced volunteers who are not paid for their service. Chaplains can also specialize in more advanced topics like crisis intervention, critical incident stress management, suicidology, bereavement, disaster response, trauma, PTSD and other areas, as well as provide contacts and resources for more extensive assistance.

The IFOC Southern Indiana United Chaplain Corps has scheduled the in-person 2021 class for April 26 to 30.

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