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Dada strives to reform idea of boutiques

Dada strives to reform idea of boutiques
Dada strives to reform idea of boutiques
Ben Byrn, owner of Dada Boutique in downtown Corydon, arranges clothing on a rack at his store. Byrn strives to bring pieces of clothing to his store that will help women feel comfortable in their own skin and with being themselves. Photo by Kaitlyn Clay
Kaitlyn Clay, Staff Writer, [email protected]

The Dada art movement emerged during World War I as a reaction to the negativity of the war. The work was often satirical, and the artists had hopes to destroy traditional values in art in order to fully express themselves.

Ben Byrn, owner of Dada Boutique in downtown Corydon, has used that art movement as inspiration for his store. With a slogan of “make yourself a statement,” Dada Boutique strives to make each customer comfortable in their own skin and in the clothes they wear.

“You are in clothing all the time,” Byrn said. “I don’t want women to feel pigeon-holed into one specific style, which is why our staff works with each person who comes in our stores to find clothes for their body type or just something they feel truly themselves in. We want to reform the idea of a boutique away from being an overly-priced, smaller sized store into a place for truly everyone.”

Byrn opened the first Dada Boutique in New Albany in 2017. After looking at several neighboring towns, he decided to open his second location in Corydon. He was ultimately drawn to the growing downtown neighborhood and knew it would be the perfect fit for Dada. The Corydon location opened in November.

However, having to go through a pandemic during the first six months of opening hasn’t been an easy feat. Businesses across the county have had to adapt their operations, including Dada.

Byrn said they utilized social media as a tool to keep their business running during the time.

“We started getting really creative with Facebook, by doing live sales on there,” Byrn said. “This was a time like nothing I could have imagined, and I am very appreciative for our clients for adapting and evolving with us.”

One unique aspect to Dada is that there are different clothing and household items at both locations. What you find at the New Albany location could be totally different from the Corydon shop, which has space to have more options.

“We are really working to solidify the Corydon store and become a staple in downtown Corydon,” Byrn said. “We are already planning some events coming up soon with neighboring businesses, and we are so excited to help out the community and be a part of this area any way we can.”

Dada Boutique, located at 111 E. Beaver St., is open currently Tuesday through Friday from noon to 5, Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 5 and Sundays from noon to 4.