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Pickin’ & Grinnin’ offers antiques, more

Pickin’ & Grinnin’ offers antiques, more Pickin’ & Grinnin’ offers antiques, more
Kaitlyn Clay, Staff Writer [email protected]

Teresa Clark, owner of Pickin’ & Grinnin’ in Corydon, opened up shop in February, and, due to the pandemic, has had to transform her store to numerous offerings to provide what she could for the community.
Clark said she has always had a passion for all things antique and loves the idea of going into a store and not knowing what gem or unseen treasure could be around the corner. From that passion, she decided to open her own shop, selling things ranging from metal work and old gas pumps to yard décor and animal skin rugs.
Most of the metal work is made by artists in Texas, and Clark said it is always a fun time for her family to go on trips to purchase the items.
“We will make trips to Texas to get all the unique yard décor and metal work,” Clark said. “We try to plan it around a time that most of my family is available so we can make a whole trip out of it, and we have so much fun working with the artists in Texas and we can always find some really great pieces.”
Due to opening Pickin’ & Grinnin’ in February, Clark was only open for a short period of time before she had to close for the COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines. But, that wasn’t going to stop her from doing her part to serve the community and keep her business open.
“We went and did a large grocery haul and started selling what we had and operating as a small market,” Clark said. “We learned to adapt really quickly to what people around here were going to need to get through hard times and started selling those things.”
In addition to food and supplies, Clark also started selling flowers, which can be seen outside her storefront, located at 827 E. Chestnut St., a building shared with ATM Auctions, where Teresa’s husband, Marty, is an auctioneer.
Now that Indiana is in its re-opening phase, Clark is able to go back to what she really loves and is passionate about, which is selling her antique finds and unique treasures. She also hopes to turn part of the space into an area where other people will be able to rent out booths to sell their antiques or unique pieces.
“I want our back room to be like a peddler’s mall,” Clark said. “I’m hoping for us to be able to do that at the first of next year. I love the community feel that comes with rental spaces and booths, so I think it could be fun and a great way to bring our town together more.”