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June 10, 2020

June 10, 2020 June 10, 2020

• If the devil came to me and said that he would stop abortion — end it — if I supported him, well, I tell you what; I’d never do that. I’m not selling my soul to the devil. And, I think a lot of people should think about that when they vote this November.

• Why are there people working 40 and 50 and 60 hours a week to make their ends meet to keep the bills paid when there’s other people laying at home … drawing over $600 a week off the government for unemployment … ? What the (heck) was the (federal government) thinking, giving $600 off the top plus an unemployment benefit and these people not even having to prove themselves that they had a legitimate job that they are no longer working? …

• You know all this rioting in Louisville, Ky., has really got out of hand. I’m very sorry that they handled it the way they did with Breonna Taylor … But, rioting is not the answer. Now, so many innocent people have to suffer that’s lost business or had so much damage done to their business over this. It’s pitiful. It’s got way out of hand. They’ve got a right to protest, but they don’t have to use so much violence, and there’s a lot of innocent people being hurt that were not responsible for that at all in any way, shape or form …

• I was wondering about the situation at the jail, if the inmates have been kept safe from the COVID-19 virus. And, I am hoping that they will be able to get outside in the sunshine; there is a secure area for that. Research has shown that it is good to get outside to dispel some of the virus.

• A lot of people call themselves Christians, and that’s good. But, the Bible says they call themselves Christian but they deny therein. There is power in the name of Jesus, and if you have a real true spirit of Christ in you, the really true spirit of Christ, you cannot vote for candidates that’s doing things contrary to God’s laws or statutes and commandments …

• The country’s in a mess. We have rioting due to (a) police department needlessly killing another black man. We have a COVID-19 virus that’s killed over 100,000 people. And, we have unemployment rates of 25%-plus and (some) people can’t get their unemployment checks. And, where is Donald Trump? What’s he doing? He’s calling the governors weak …

• All of this rioting in Louisville and Minneapolis and all over America has gotten way out of hand. It can’t be a human that stops all of it; it has got to be God. They’re trying to put blame on President Trump and everybody else and this one and that one. President Trump cannot stop it by himself. It’s all up to God. It depends on God. So, everybody better get to praying. America better repent and get to praying.

• I would like to thank everyone that displays the American flag. The flag represents perseverance and justice, and that is what we have to remember that it will take years to get our once great nation back to leading the world. Seeing a flag on a vehicle or clothing is part of the powerful movement to remind us to vote out the people … that believe they are above the law. God bless the American flag.

• I never, ever, ever thought I would see such horrible things as this protesting. Looting, stealing, burning police cars, beating up police, burning down businesses, jumping on cars. I have never ever thought I’d ever see anything like this in my life. It is just horrible.

• Why are we not allowed to go to a restaurant, sit with our families close together? We’re not even allowed to go into a movie theater and sit together. But, yet, people can get out on the street, no mask, shoulder to shoulder, protesting and being violent and nothing is done?

• I read all of the hoopla about the (letter to the editor) Randy West wrote, 68 reasons why Trump should be removed. I’m just surprised he didn’t have a (letter) that said 6,800 reasons. …

• What in the world is Barack Obama on the news so much now, talking about and complaining about our police? I think it’s awful the way he’s talking about the police. He doesn’t say anything about the protesters. All he wants to do is condemn our police.

• It seems people have forgotten the coronavirus is still out there. The reason it has slowed its spread in most places, many places, is because we did exactly what we had to: stay home, wear a mask, keep a distance from each other. This seems to be all going by the wayside, and so many people think that it’s over. … People need to start doing what they’re supposed to be doing. And to all you people who don’t wear masks when you’re out in public, nobody or no one or no constitution gives you the right to endanger other people’s lives, so wear the mask or stay home.

• I enjoy walking the Indian Creek Trail; however, the section behind the (Corydon) Post Office is getting out of control with weeds. Could this issue be addressed?

• I was just wondering why the Harrison County Sheriff’s Dept. is going to purchase three new trucks. My question is what kind of truck? Who will have access to them? Who’s going to be driving them? Where are they going to be going and why do you need trucks? I think that’s sort of ridiculous and expensive. There’s nothing wrong with the Explorers or the cars they’re driving. I don’t think it’s necessary to have trucks …

• A shout out to all of the downtown (Corydon) businesses who have planted flowers in their urns. They really are beautiful. And, extra kudos to Frederick’s (Café) and Bennett & Bennett businesses. They knocked it out of the park with their beautiful plantings. Thank you for beautifying our city during these crazy times.