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June 3, 2020

June 3, 2020 June 3, 2020

• This is to the person who called in to say that The Corydon Democrat should not print anything against the president. To do so would be suppressing (opinions) as outlined in the letter to the editor by Randy West. …

• … to the person that said this paper shouldn’t even print anything critical of Trump, I have to ask, do you know anything about history? Have you ever read the Constitution? Do you know what freedom of speech is?

• We all want this virus to end, and we all want to be free again. We all want things to open back up again, but we cannot ignore this virus. And to all you people that think Trump’s right and everything should open back up, you need to study history. … If you studied history, you’d know about the flu pandemic we had back in the early 1900s, and we’re doing the same thing they did. … I see people every day running around, people gathered together with no mask on, no nothing. …

• I just want to say that I always watch MSNBC news at 9 because I love Rachel Maddow. You know, she’s been voted (best) journalist on television. I would advise everyone to watch her.

• Just a note to say I always enjoy Suetta’s cooking recipes. Thank you for having her. I enjoy making the new recipes.

• When I read in the May 13 Live Wire someone said if you don’t want to be around me because I don’t have a mask on, then don’t come in the store, I thought that person was an idiot. And then I thought, well, maybe they just don’t completely understand that the action they take could cause the death of someone else. Then, in the May 20 Live Wire, I saw the perfect answer to this person, I assume. You were never told to surrender your civil liberties. You were asked to help each other stay healthy and survive. I hope the person that made that first call will finally start to realize this.

• This is a list in response to Mr. Randy West’s list. Obama. Biden. Clinton. James Comey. Eric Holder. Sally Yates. Rod Rosenstein. Robert Mueller. James Clapper. Illegal wire taps. Pourons borders. Abortion. Gutted military. (Indecipherable). Money to Iran. Rahm Emanuel. Susan Rice. And, that’s just a few.

• Seems like the more money the school systems get, the more they want. Gov. (Eric) Holcomb has put more money in next year’s education budget, so why should we be asked to extend the tax referendum? …

• Voters of the Lanesville school tax really need to thank me for voting for the tax extension. Since we last voted for it, our fuel tax and vehicle registration fees were increased to pay for highway infrastructure. So, if you think we won’t see more tax and fee increases to pay for the pandemic, you had better rethink. How many and how much is anyone’s guess, but you won’t have the opportunity to vote on these.

• Viruses are contagious. Fear is contagious. Both are destructive.

• The best thing to have ever left Harrison County is Randy West.

• I just want to let people know that Gary’s barber and style shop in New Salisbury has been open for two weeks. No appointment necessary actually.

• I’m calling about the (letter to the editor) that was in the paper (May 20) by Mr. Randy West. That is a well-written (letter) and, if people don’t realize what’s going on in this country, there won’t be a country to even worry about.

• For the person that listed a bunch of names for beating Trump, I only have three: Nancy Pelosi, Schumer and Adam Schift. … Reasons for voting for Trump? He is draining the swamp, IRS, department of justice and the FBI. He also opened up the V.A. hospitals to where the people can get their services done. …

• Someone called in to the Live Wire to please reprint Randy West’s (letter), 68 reasons to dump Trump. I’m going to ask you please don’t do it. I thought it was so disgraceful the first time around. Please don’t repeat it. Please don’t do it.

• Stop by the Red Barn. It has a new owner, Shannon. There are several new booths. All the booths are decorated with red, white and blue. Check out our American flag. So nice to have an antique mall in our community.

• Someone called in to the Live Wire and said that they wished that we would put the school system calendar days back to where it used to be years ago so they didn’t have to start school until after Labor Day. I agree with the person that called in and said that because I have wondered for years how come they changed the system …

• To open up Indiana safely and sooner, I encourage all Harrison County residents to take advantage of free COVID-19 testing open to all Harrison County residents without restriction. It is non-evasive. It’s less evasive than a flu test swab. Quick, safe, no waiting, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily through June 5. Go online to or Harrison County Health Dept. or call 1-888-634-1116. More testing will help us get back to normal sooner. Please. Indiana needs this data to help get this straightened out.

• I just want to support the Lanesville continuation of their tax. The school is the community, and without it we’re at a great loss. And, I hope people consider that and think of all the things that the children at the school do and what the school does for the children.

• For all of them (people) in Corydon Sunday, it’s not Black Lives Matter. It’s Blue Lives Matter; the police matter. People’s lives matter. Wake up, (people).

• I was just wondering what’s happening to Lanesville. The old mill looks like a flea market … (Walter Q.) Gresham Park has tree limbs stacked up and just mowed around. The playground is overtaken with weeds. If they could they play there, they couldn’t. And, it appears that Lanesville’s school track has become a dog park complete with a trampoline for the dogs to play on, which is really the high jump pit. Come on, citizens; let’s take care of our nice community.

• I am so upset about what Randy West wrote about dump Trump, 68 reasons why. I think the best thing that we could do is dump Randy West. It was very shameful and very disgraceful what he wrote. Shame on him.

• To all the people that say to wear a mask takes away their rights, I’d like to ask them who gives them the right and where is it stated in the constitution that they can endanger the lives of other people. It doesn’t have anything to do with your rights. To not wear a mask is a statement that you don’t care about anyone but yourself. Have some respect for elderly people and wear a mask or stay home.