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Paving projects request sent to council

Several Harrison County roads could get paved in the upcoming weeks as part of the county’s annual paving projects. This round of projects includes 12 roads at a cost of $756,821.90.

The Harrison County Board of Commissioners earlier this month opened bids for projects in each commissioner’s district and awarded the bids to the lowest bidder for each set of paving projects. Approval of the work by the Harrison County Council was pending, with the council meeting last night (Tuesday), the first in-person meeting by Harrison County government in two months since the COVID-19 outbreak.

In the northern part of the county, the lowest bidder was E&B Paving, which submitted a bid of $323,272.30. Projects here include:

Moberly Road, between Harrison Springs Road and Loudens Chapel Road;

Davis Mill Road, between Sival and Clover Valley roads;

Keller Drive, between Corydon Junction Road and the end of Keller Drive; and

Eagle Point Drive, between East Whiskey Road and the end of Eagle Point Drive.

E&B Paving was also the lowest bidder for the central portion of the county, with a total of $235,531.60. Projects here include:

Woody Lane Road, between St. Peter’s Church Road and Gleitz Blank Road;

Woody Lane Road, between Gleitz Blank Road and the end of the Woody Lane;

East Ridge Road, between S.R. 337 and the end of East Ridge; and

Buck Creek Valley Road, between Lake Road and the township line at Harrison-Heth Road.

Projects in the southern portion of the county would be awarded to C&R Construction; its bid of $198,018 was the lowest for this portion of the county. Projects here include:

Valley City Mauckport Road, between New Amsterdam Road and the end of Valley City Mauckport Road to the south;

Buck Creek Valley Road, between Union Chapel Road and the township line at Harrison-Heth Road;

Kesindale Circle Road, between Rehobeth Road and S.R. 11; and

Chism Lane, between S.R. 211 and the end of Chism Lane.

The county commissioners also voted to rename the sections of state roads 11, 111 and 337 that the Indiana Dept. of Transportation is planning to relinquish this summer. The commissioners voted to call the county’s portion of those roads Old Highway 11, Old Highway 111 and Old Highway 337, respectively.

The commissioners are scheduled to meet at the government center on Monday at 8:30 a.m. Seating will be limited due to social-distancing guidelines.