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Northeast Posey

Northeast Posey Northeast Posey
Anita K. Bube | 812-969-9444 (Intended for May 13 issue)

I was taken by surprise when I saw that my good friend and neighbor of many years ago, Violet Watson, 99, had passed away. Violet loved to sew; she was a seamstress. I remember her fashioning my pink brocade mother’s dress for our daughter’s wedding. To pass her time in the nursing home, she continued her love for sewing through her beautiful embroidering of quilt blocks to have made into quilts for her family for a keepsake of her special talent. When I saw her last, she was doing butterflies. Just last year, Kathy, her daughter-in-law, sent out invitations to Violet’s birthday get-together that contained a sheet of Violet’s art work. I attended this gathering. She was so happy to see me. The room began to fill up with family and friends laughing and smiling, so I departed. We always have regrets that we didn’t do enough, for life is busy. She always greeted me with a smile, and she loved to talk. I will miss sending her monthly encouragement cards and miss seeing that smile and her beautiful stitches. Until we all shall meet again in that great reunion in the sky, her hands lay resting in the nail-scarred hands of her Saviour, Jesus. Her gift is gifted back to Jesus, who still has special things for Violet to do in Heaven. She was one of the best in my book.

Another dear friend, Merdy Meyers, passed away at the age of 93. There was not a person who wasn’t a friend when you saw Merdy at his little grocery store in New Middletown. He enjoyed going to the Amish area, visiting, trading and picking up fruit, vegetables, jams and jellies to be resold at his grocery store attended to by his daughter, Patty Emily. Those were the great days to stop there going or coming home from Corydon. Then came the day when Patty had to step down from the grocery to take care of her daddy. I remember I happened by when she was selling things very reasonable and bought a bag of lemons. I juiced and froze them. I still am using that memorable lemon juice to this day. He was one of the best. I will miss sending cards to Merdy.

I have felt lousy and sickly with allergies, sinus and asthma this season. It has been a bad allergy season with spring actually being spring, but a beautiful one. I’ve been admiring our dogwood tree, viewing it out of our upstairs living room window, from its tiny newborn buds to a glorious white blossom reminding us of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. And when the black storm clouds come, it stands out stately against the storm, reminding us that He rides the storm with us. He is our storm warrior. Amen. Raise a hallelujah!