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May 27, 2020

May 27, 2020 May 27, 2020

• I am amazed and shocked to go to Walmart or JayC and see adults and children not wearing face masks. We have the best, top-notch doctors suggesting and asking us to wear masks. Why? They are not bossing. They truly care about you or loved ones and ask that you prevent the spread of the virus because, even if you seem to feel all right and have no symptoms, you can still carry the virus you don’t even know you have to your family or loved ones or even strangers. As a true caring American, isn’t it the responsible, caring, right thing to do to care for others? Please rethink this, and wear a face mask. If you don’t have one, they are available at the Old Capital Cleaners by the Corydon JayC Store. Please wear a face mask.

• I have “Dr. Oz” on and he talks about the coronavirus, which is very informative. And then, the governor comes on and talks and then we have “Dr. Phil” on, which (is) reruns which has something to do with the coronavirus. My point is, I would rather watch the “Dr. Oz” show than a rerun of “Dr. Phil.”

• I am calling about the recycle center that Corydon has. I was there Sunday, May 17, and that place was a complete mess. I dropped my stuff off because I had already put it in the car and didn’t want to haul it around until Monday. Something needs to be done out there.

• This goes to people that think that they can cross in front of you in a parking lot. I’ll stop for you if you’re in that crosswalk, but I’m going to tell you don’t walk out in front of me anywhere else because I don’t have to stop and wait on you. I’m in just as big a hurry as you are.

• I’ve been in Walmart here the last couple of weeks three or four times. Where’s all the hand sanitizer setting around for you to use? Supposed to be several places through the store for you to use. …

• I just wanted to say a big, big congratulations and what an honor, a great big congratulations to Pennie Saulman Yates of the Harrison County Maintenance Dept. She has been a custodian with Harrison County for 30 years … That’s a milestone. That’s a huge accomplishment, and we’re very, very, very proud of you. She was down at the old courthouse downtown for years and years and years, and then she went out to the Harrison County Highway Dept. garage. Congratulations on 30 years. Thank you for 30 years of hard work and dedication, Pennie Saulman Yates. We are proud of you.

• All those yes referendum signs they put out, why couldn’t they have just given that money to the school? Such a waste.

• Please reprint Randy West’s article again, 68 reasons to dump Trump. I have voted Republican for 50 years but never again. He is an embarrassment to America. …

• The former editor of The Corydon Democrat used to be a factual as well as opinionated person. Now he’s just opinionated. He’s entitled to his opinions just the same as those of us who will not dump Trump. I hate to tell you this, Mr. West, but not only do I plan to not dump him, I am voting for him this time when I did not vote for him the first time. Unborn lives matter more than your 68 reasons.

• … When you wear a mask you are protecting yourself from others just in case you have the virus and are unaware that you have it. Many people who have COVID-19 have no symptoms, but you can pass it on to others through the droplets that occur when you sneeze or cough. Wearing a mask, along with social distancing, helps to keep us all safe when we are out in public. You don’t need to wear one when you are outdoors and can maintain social distancing between you and others. You also don’t need to wear a mask when you are alone in your car, but it is wise to wear one when you go into a store or any indoor space where you are likely to run into other people.

• People keep calling in and saying they’re tired of people calling in and complaining about Trump. They think he’s doing a great job. Well, I’m tired of people calling in and saying Trump is doing a great job. …