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Lanesville schools provide essential services to students

May 22, 2020

With the current pandemic, times are tough, people have lost their jobs and society has been turned upside down. The short term looks very gloomy.

As the superintendent of Lanesville Community Schools, I’m asking the taxpayers of Franklin Township to think long term and vote yes on June 2 to continue the existing tax referendum.

Some points to consider:

• It is not a tax increase; the 17 cents on the ballot question represents the same amount taxpayers have paid since 2015.

• The tax rate for Lanesville schools for 2020 is 73 cents per $100 of assessed valuation. This is up from 69 cents in 2019 due to increased property values in Harrison County. The 17 cents is included in the overall rate of 73 cents.

• At 73 cents, Lanesville has the second-lowest tax rate of 30 school corporations of similar size across the state (600 to 900 total students). At 73 cents, Lanesville has the second-lowest tax rate of all school corporations in Harrison, Clark, Floyd and Crawford counties.

• Historically, the tax rate for Lanesville schools has ranged from 62 cents to 78 cents over the past 11 years.

• Without the 17 cents, Lanesville would have the second-lowest tax rate of all school corporations in the state of Indiana.

• Currently, Lanesville schools is the bottom 10 school corporations on per pupil funding from the state of Indiana.

Right now, the economy is in the tank and state revenue is down. As a result, the best hope is that schools will not have their budget cut by the state in 2021. Currently, people pay a high percentage of local property tax to support schools, as they do everywhere in this country, regardless of having kids in school, being retired, living on a fixed income or sending their kids to private schools. It is the price we pay as a society to pay it forward for future generations. Our schools, teachers and staff members provide the essential services for our students, even during this drastic time of a pandemic.

Lanesville Community School Corp. has thrived due to the generosity and support of the taxpayers in Franklin Township in the past, and we hope to receive your continued support of the Big Purple Nation for the future.

Steve Morris, Superintendent/Principal, Lanesville Community School Corp.