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Hurley expands to make sanitizer stands

Hurley expands to make sanitizer stands Hurley expands to make sanitizer stands
Kaitlyn Clay, Staff Writer, [email protected]

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, people have been looking for hand sanitizer to use before and after nearly everything they do, and now one Harrison County business has expanded to help meet that need.

Hurley’s Services Inc., owned by John Hurley, known for home construction and remodeling work, as well as supplying Southern Indiana and the Louisville area with port-a-cans for events and job sites, also makes what Pauline Hurley, John’s wife, describes as “birdhouse shaped” hand-sanitizer stands.

The top portion of the stand holds the pump, which allows the sanitizer to come out the center of the box. The stand is weighted so that it is able to stay upright through wind or other weather concerns.

Hand sanitizer comes with each port-a-can that Hurley’s Services supplies, which gave the company a head start in having a large quantity of the resource on hand needed for the stands. As their stock ran low, Hurley said his team began to brainstorm ways to get more.

“We all were coming up with ideas on what we could do to help out, and we realized that Best Vineyards in Elizabeth was making hand sanitizer,” he said. “We were able to partner with them for a bit, and they supplied us with hand sanitizer until our normal company supplier was able to.”

Hurley’s Services stands can be found throughout the county, including places like Circle K and Limeberry Lumber, both in Corydon.

The cost for one of the stands is $100, which includes delivery and setup. There is approximately 500 milliliters of sanitizer in one stand. Hurley’s Services also sets each sanitizer-stand customer on a biweekly or monthly check-up schedule to see if they need refilled. A refill for an empty sanitizer stand is $20.

John Hurley said they will supply funeral homes with a stand for free.

As word has spread about Hurley’s Services producing these stands, people outside of the Southern Indiana and Louisville area have been taking notice.

“We recently got a call from a national distributing company,” John said. “They had interest in us making the stands for them to use in various restaurants across the country. So, we are going to figure out what the next steps are there and, hopefully, can find a way to service and help more people stay safe.”

To purchase a stand, call Hurley’s Services at 812-969-3920 or send a message through its Facebook page.