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‘Nature at home’ activities

‘Nature at home’ activities ‘Nature at home’ activities

“These are uncertain times, but one thing is always true: we need a connection to the natural world,” said Liz Brownlee, executive director of Oak Heritage Conservancy.

In response to COVID-19, the nonprofit has canceled all in-person events but still wants to help people spend time in nature.

“Getting out in nature helps us all feel calm and find some joy,” Brownlee said. “The world is coming into full bloom right now, and taking time to look for wildflowers or find a tree that’s just budding out, well, these things reassure us that some things in our world are constant. Plus, time outside helps us burn off some energy and have fun.”

Oak Heritage wants everyone to find that sense of joy in nature, so it is providing projects that nature lovers of all ages can do from home.

“Our members and volunteers still wanted to feel connected to each other and to nature,” said Brownlee.

Each week, they post a new project to their website,, and to their Instagram and Facebook pages. So far, activities have included a wildlife tracking detective game, a do-it-yourself bird feeder building project and a craft project that challenged families to connect over social media and build a tree together, from afar. All of these past projects are still available on the website. New ones are posted weekly. They are free for everyone to enjoy, including Oak Heritage members and the general public.

“Of course, we can’t wait to start hosting programs at our nature preserves again,” said Brownlee. “We love it when you come and take wildflower walks, look for butterflies and ramble through old growth forests. But, until we can all gather outside together again, we hope these ‘nature at home’ projects let you learn about nature, feel a sense of calm and joy and have some fun outside.”