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Keep up the good work

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Keep up the good work Keep up the good work
Curley Esterdley

Congratulations, parents! You made it through eLearning! Give yourself a huge pat on the back! I bet you felt as if it would never end. I heard and felt your pain. Doing schoolwork with your child is tiring, can be a fight at times and that makes it a pain.

With eLearning coming to an end, it’s time to think about and remember there could be what the education professionals are now calling the “COVID slide.” So, continue to give your “educating” time to your children this summer.

Attention is the best gift you can give your child. You’re probably saying “Ugh” in your head right now.

Yes, it is the teacher’s job to teach. But, it’s the parent’s job to help them along to grow successfully, and one of the areas is education. You need help from the teacher to educate your child, and the teacher needs the same from you. It does take a village to raise a child, so take a breath and embrace it instead of rejecting it. Look at it as getting to know your child better. Find the positive and the humor. Think in your mind the following quote: “Now is the time for all good men (parents) to come to the aid of our country (teachers).” It is humorous but, even better, heart-warming.

As a teacher, help at home was very important to my students and to me. I would see the most progress with students who had that support. In kindergarten, at the beginning of the year, an excel table for the whole year showing each week’s topics was sent home. I sent homework packets home for the week on Mondays. Each day’s homework took 5 to 10 minutes, tops. It showed the parents what and how we were learning each week. I felt very strongly that my parents should know what their child was learning.

It’s good to know what your child is learning, how he or she is functioning in school and that they succeed. You will better understand what the teacher and your child deals with each day. Most importantly, it’s good for parents to see how their children learn.

Each child learns in their own special way. One educational theory on learning styles is called “Multiple Intelligences.” Below, I tried to list them without being too boring. Each listed is how they learn by “learning through … ”:

Verbal — linguistic, spoken words.

Mathematical — logical, reasoning and problem solving.

Musical — song, rhythms and patterns.

Visual — spatial, visually and organizing ideas spatially.

Bodily — kinesthetic, interaction, movement and touch, hands-on.

Intrapersonal — feelings, values and attitudes; understanding other people.

Interpersonal — working with others collaborating.

Naturalist — classification, categories and hierarchies.

Existential — learning by seeing the big picture.

Some children may learn in more than one of the above styles.

So, carry on the learning this summer and get to know your learning child. And, try the “Positivity Spoken Here,” something I’ve always tried to focus on. Find the positive, not the negative. It’s a good way to think, but certainly not so easy sometimes. Try to have the “Power to Pause”; pause to breathe, rethink and breathe when you feel overwhelmed with anything.

Breathe! It is for your child, your child’s future and you.