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Birthday surprise, quarantine style

Birthday surprise, quarantine style
Birthday surprise, quarantine style
Jerry Beverly, right, a resident at Summit View group home in Corydon, watches as a Ramsey Volunteer Fire Dept. fire truck approaches him Thursday afternoon as part of a surprise 54th birthday parade from him. Photo by Wade Bell
Wade Bell, Contributing Writer

Jerry Beverly has lived in the Summit View group home in Corydon since 2004. He works for Goodwill Industries and Blue River Services and is involved with Corydon’s First Capitol Christian Church and Special Olympics.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, life became different for Beverly and the home’s five other residents like it has for the rest of the world. With the home getting government funding under the Indiana State Dept. of Health, Summit View went into quarantine on March 18 and has remained that way since.

“We’ve had no positive tests here with the residents,” said staff member Tammy Seitz. “One of the staff tested positive and immediately went into isolation at home.”

For Beverly, however, there was a birthday coming up, his 54th, and, because of his work at the church and with other organizations, several of the townspeople wanted to make it a special day with a surprise parade.

“We decorated his room this morning,” Seitz said Thursday. “He has no idea this is coming.”

At 2 p.m., with Beverly in the home’s front yard, the first Corydon police car popped up over the hill with its siren blaring. Behind that were church members with gifts, and a little farther back a member of the Harrison County Sheriff’s Dept. turned on his siren.

Beverly could do nothing but smile and wave at everybody who went by.

Then, the first fire truck, from the Ramsey Volunteer Fire Dept., showed up with more sirens. Following that were two fire trucks from Harrison Township Fire Dept. Behind those were more church members and co-workers bearing more gifts.

“This is great,” said Beverly, adding that his favorite part of the parade was the fire trucks.

Seitz said the home is expected to stay under quarantine for quite some time as the situation progresses.