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State lawmakers place policy over politics

State lawmakers place policy over politics
State lawmakers place policy over politics
State Rep. Steve Davisson

In today’s political climate, many headlines focus on the inefficiencies of Washington, D.C. Often, too much arguing and lack of compromise leads to a political stalemate, and Americans are the ones losing. Here in Indiana, that is not the case. State lawmakers come to work with the same priority day after day: putting Hoosiers first and setting aside politics to create good policy.

All 100 members of the Indiana House of Representatives are interested in the same goal: making sure our state is the best place to live, work and play.

Indiana has much to offer, including the opportunity to earn one of our many high-paying jobs, low cost of living and friendly neighbors.

This legislative session, we worked on improving these aspects and other parts of Hoosiers’ daily lives. While lawmakers may disagree on how to achieve this, we discussed the best way to move forward by treating one another as equals. Our conversations remained civil, because we are a reflection of our constituents, who treat their neighbors with respect, even during disagreements.

This year, the Indiana House approved more than 100 bills, sending them to the Indiana Senate for consideration. State representatives continued their strong bipartisan history, with all 115 approved House bills receiving support from both sides of the aisle. This includes key bills House Republicans are prioritizing, like supporting our teachers, students and classrooms, increasing transparency in health care costs and reducing youth smoking.

Data indicates Americans prefer bipartisanship and cooperation across party lines. Compromise in government makes for better policy. This teamwork builds trust and shows we set aside our differences by putting policy over politics on behalf of the Hoosiers who elected us to serve them. We can all work together, even when making difficult decisions, to help make our state stronger.

State Rep. Steve Davisson, R-Salem, represents House District 73, which includes Washington County and portions of Harrison, Clark, Orange, Lawrence and Jackson counties.