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President destroying much of what makes America great

America has had a not-so-great past. Slavery, segregation, discrimination, not allowing women or Native Americans to vote, suppression of unions, the trail of tears, the internment of Japanese Americans, degradation of the environment and wildlife, just to mention a few.

What has made America great was overcoming all those issues, doing what’s right by protecting the environment, wildlife and taking care of all of its people regardless of race, creed or color.

When I look at what President Trump has done since he was elected,  I see him destroying the environment, downsizing our national parks to allow mining and oil exploration, rolling back regulations that protected our air and water, separating children from their parents on the border with Mexico, deporting veterans instead of giving them a chance to become citizens, denying the effects of global warming, withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal, almost starting a war and ignoring the coronavirus until it was almost too late, being more worried about corporations and the stock market than the people.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden said that it will be very difficult to overcome what Trump has done; but, if he is re-elected, it will take a generation.

Harold Wilson | Corydon, Ind.