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Get your kiddo K ready

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Get your kiddo K ready Get your kiddo K ready
Curley Esterdley

As a preschool owner and teacher for nine years and a kindergarten teacher for 18, I am very passionate when it comes to starting our children off on the right foot for school. I can’t stress enough the importance of your children enjoying school and learning. It is such an important asset to your child’s next 13 years of learning.

If your child will be 5 by at least Aug. 1, he or she will be eligible to enter kindergarten next school year. And so school life begins for your child and you. It’s such an exciting time and new phase of your lives.

Now is the time to ask yourself, as a parent(s), “Is my child ready for kindergarten next fall?

Kindergarten shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s much more fun learning than just playing.

Full-day kindergarten has become the norm. Some have said it is the new first grade.

Here are some questions to ask yourself about your child:

Are they independent as far as taking care of themselves? For example: dress themselves, take care of their things, rest room on their own, follow simple two- and three-step directions.

Has your child developed strong social skills? For example, patience, kindness, manners, taking turns, listening and getting along in a group.

Has your child learned ABC letter identification, upper and lower case; colors and shapes; can count to at least 20; how to correctly write their name and hold the pencil correctly; has experience with scissors and glue sticks?

Bonuses: If your child can do all above, start working on letter sounds; writing upper and lower case letters; writing numbers 1 through 10; know their full name, birth date, address and parent phone number; zip their jacket; and tie their shoes.

Do you know that what your child does affects the whole classroom, whether an asset or deterrent?

Lastly, check with your child’s preschool teacher. Most preschools should have some kind of kindergarten readiness test and guidelines. I also suggest that you don’t stress nor rush school either. Pushing a child into school before they are ready can be years of a lot more work and frustration. School needs to be a fun learning experience, with no stress, for all students. Slow down and savor each moment with your children.

Until next time, “Hand Out Happiness” each day!