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Team players needed to get through pandemic

Team players needed to get through pandemic Team players needed to get through pandemic

It isn’t surprising that most of us are a bit edgy these days. The deadly virus and our shut-down economy have our world in turmoil. Familiar systems and actions have been altered in the past two months. Here we sit, in the unfamiliar today with an unpredictable tomorrow.

My hat’s off to all who must analyze the upheaval, and my sympathies to those who must try to chart our course. As more than one news commentator has said, “This is all new territory, and we are bound to make mistakes.” Thank goodness for institutional memory, steady minds and trained professionals. And, real admiration for those who are thinking and acting beyond their own well-being and, instead, are focusing on the improvement of the general welfare of our planet.

I can’t imagine what this social distancing and loss of income feels like to a single mother of three who lives in a tiny apartment and is trying to homeschool her kids. Every time I find myself groaning because my normal way of functioning is interrupted, I try imaging what folks who have just lost their health insurance, income and child care providers must be going through.

My husband and I are in the “elderly” category and are inadequate in the technology skills, to say the least. I decided I must not send my grandkids into the stores to shop for me. Thus, I sat at my computer and tried to order online. After 4-1/2 hours, all I had accomplished was a refined shopping list that I emailed to those same grandkids I have worried about. My computer was so messed up, as was my head, that, three days later, both are still in rehab.

When I see on TV that angry folks are demonstrating in front of governmental buildings to encourage elected figures to stop the social-distancing orders and open up our economy now, my first impulse is to shudder and wonder why. But, I must admit, if I were that single mother of three children I spoke of, I might be frustrated enough to be out there myself. Instead, this is a time for understanding, forgiveness and an appreciation for the differences among people.

It is hard to take a long-term view in an all-absorbing crisis. It is not just new and uncharted threats we face, but old reoccurring issues like the annual woodborer bees that are swarming around our houses on this April day.

We have heard many times that it will take all of us working together to get through this pandemic. The experiences we see of those sharing, helping and sacrificing in these testy times are an inspiration. Let’s each do our best to find our unique ways to contribute to a better tomorrow for our planet.

In common sports talk, let’s be team players.